Saturday, December 7, 2013

Tabard of the Hand Transmog

I was pretty excited when I learnt about Sam's Transmog Contest I just knew I had to try my hand. I love the tabard of the hand. I have to get it for all my draenei but I've never thought to make a transmog for it.

This first look is for a paladin. The items can be found here.  I really wanted others to be able to tell at a glance that this was a draenei paladin and no other race or class would be able to wear this miss. I liked the legs because the yellow felt like the yellow in the tabard but darker. I then moved to the shoulders and I loved the flaming sigil because it reminded me once again of the design in the tabard. I went with the book belt because I thought it went well and as a paladin she would want to keep her book close by. For there I began filling in the other pieces. I noticed later that like the tabard the look starts with darker colors at the hoof and becomes lighter as it moves up. I decided for the shield to go with the blue and yellow crystal one because it brought just a little more blue into the ensemble since there was also some from the shoulders and legs. The sword just picks up more of the browns and yellows. I'm really happy with how this turned out. If I ever returned to being Alliance I'm going to have to track down all these pieces for my paladin.

The other look is for a shaman. I really wanted to make sure that when you saw this look you knew it was a shaman and not just any shaman but an enhancement shaman. The items I used can be found here. I loved the legs and how the colors looked with the tabard. The shoulders piced up the dark color while also picking up the bright yellow. I tried to pick pieces that were dark with just a little pop of the yellow. I like this look but the more I look at the chest I wish it had sleeves that went all the way to the gloves. I'm also feeling iffy about the boots. I think people will either like this look or wonder what the hell I was thinking.


  1. Bravo, Tyledres! Those both look awesome to me! The little floating sigils on the paladin shoulders are a lot like the Gift of the Naaru sigil, too -- perfect for a draenei!

    Perhaps there's a shirt that would fill in that gap between the sleeves and the gloves in the shaman set? The Black Swashbuckler's or Master Builder's shirts might work.

    1. Thanks! And OMG I can't believe I forgot about shirts! I was so stuck on transmogable stuff it just left my mind. Thanks for reminding me. I think those two options would be just the thing.

      I loved the shoulders and thought the sigil looked familiar. It really is perfect for a draenei.

  2. Thank you so much for entering! Best of luck to you! Currently judging and realized I haven't commented on here >_< Anyway thanks and gl! :D