Saturday, May 30, 2015

That Face

Zeetai's definitely not going to be winning any beauty pageants with that face. I love the Drakuru quests and figured I'd see how the ghoul disguise worked with the selfie cam. That's a face I won't be forgetting anytime soon.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Settling into the new guild

I've been pretty happy with my new guild so far. They raid two nights a week but they don't raid too late since they finish at 11 pm for me. It's not a hard-core guild and we've been working though heroic content. Currently 7/10 and have to finish Blast furnace, Kromog, and Blackhand.

It definitely feels odd to be a healer, there's so much stuff to watch out for, along with healing everyone! The other day, I actually thought about my raiding history and realized that I haven't had a main healer since Ulduar came out. There's only been one raid that I mained as a healer. Since then, I've either tanked or dps. I've done some dabbling with healing and I loved being a holy pally during dragon soul lfr but I mostly just stood still casting my aoe healing. I'll admit that I have quite a learning curve to adjust to healing raids now. It's also really different from healing heroic dungeons. I have to remember that I don't have to do all the healing. I can rely on those others healers, especially that disc priest. Ugh, Disc priests and their bubbles make my heals almost unnecessary. They are the only healers I can't beat up on the healing meters, except on the trash pull right before gruul when there's lots of aoe damage, the group pops lust, I use my wings, and just go to town with the aoe healing. Bwahaha, so much healing. I might be too competitive to be a great healer.

When I haven't been raiding, I've been working on my newest obsesssion. Zeetai, is a warrior. One of the only classes I've never had at max level in any expansion. There are several guildies with warrior alts and they have made warriors sound fun, so I figured I would try again. So I made Zee. Zee is currently level 75, the highest level warrior I've ever had. I've been having a lot of fun as a fury warrior.

I've also been spending gold. Not on tokens... although I probably should. But on things like mounts and pets. I didn't expect to ever have enough gold saved up for an onyx panther. I was planning to get the yellow or green one... but the onyx one was at a really good price on the auction house... and so I made it mine. I've made several rather large purchases lately. It seems whenever I start building up gold, I find something on the auction house that I have wanted for some time and can now actually afford to buy. Not only did I get the onyx panther, I also picked up a sandstone drake, and a crawling claw. No more crying because after finishing yet another tol'var artificate  I still haven't gotten the pattern for the claw! Nope, I broke down, I bought it and I have named it Thing. Sigh, I swear, the next big thing I'm buying is a token... possibly.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Finally Summer!

I have finally had my last final! At least for the previous semester. I can't believe that I made it. I had moments where I was convinced I would never make it though the semester, let alone do well. At least, I think I did well, I won't know for sure until next week when grades are finally posted.

I haven't done much with this blog for awhile because I have been obsessed with school. The weeks of classes that I missed because of dealing with my health required that I spend most of my time trying to catch up. I wasn't entirely convinced I could do it and I am so relieved to have this semester over with. But that now means I can focus on other things, such as getting some updates on my blog.

So what has been happening? I have recently changed guilds and this past week was the first time I have run with my new group. It's a trial period for both them and me. I had been contemplating leaving Spoiled Milk for awhile now. Everyone had seemed so excited about new content at the end of Mists but after the expansion released, people began to slowly disappear. This past month, I realized I was the only active player left in my guild. I suppose I could have tried to recruit, but to build a new team from nothing? I didn't have the time because of school, the energy because of school and dealing with other problems, and I didn't particularly want to lead either. I figured once school was done, I would begin looking for a new group.

That was my original plan but last week, I saw a casual raiding group looking for a holy paladin. They were partway though heroics and they sounded like a group that I really wanted to be involved with. I know by now, that I am not particularly interested in being in a top-end raiding guild. I just want to see the content and continue to improve. I had also noticed that while many groups were looking for healers, very few had been looking for holy paladins. I decided to take a chance and respond to the person recruiting. We had a great chat and I warned him that I wouldn't be able to start for two weeks because I needed dead week to prepare for finals. He told me that would be fine and I got a guild invite.

This last week was fun for me. I haven't raided in quite some time so I was rusty. I also had some internet issues Thursday night which caused me to eat more lances and bombs than I should have. I love my family and I love being on a farm, but, sometimes, the internet drives me insane. I suppose I should just be glad that I actually had internet because we had lost it earlier that week and it had been slow since. First-world problems and all of that. Anyway, they were pretty understanding, as far as I can tell, and I hope next week to show them that I won't eat as much damage when I have a better internet connection. Hopefully things will continue to look as good.

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Hortis got the quest for the selfie camera today. And she's already mastered the fine art of making funny faces. Her new Fragment of Desire doesn't appear to be approving.

I'm really happy with the new blood elf models for females. I didn't notice the change on my paladin at first. Which is awesome. She moves the same and it's not until I really look at her face and hair that I finally see the changes. I don't like the hair though. The colors all seem off. I spent some time with Tyle to see the changes for her and she now looks really pale... Ok... she's always been pale. Maybe I've just gotten used to my pally who has more color. But the hair really bothers me. It just doesn't look right on either of my blood elves. Oh well, Hortis thinks she looks great. She thinks being able to take on all the raids I'm sending her to for pet gathering means she's strong. I'd hate to disillusion her, silly healer.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Always Changing

Regular updates. I don't have them. I had some accomplishments that I was excited about. I finished making Shadowmourn on my death knight, I switched to playing a paladin for raiding because we needed healers. Raiding... well, the people who used to play stopped, the people who said they were coming back didn't, so the group slowly changed to entirely new people. Good people. I have peace with that but others didn't. I wonder what it takes to get a group to hold together.

From this point I'm mostly writing about real-life stuff. 

I've haven't been feeling up to doing much in-game. I raid but otherwise I haven't had any special projects going. But I also know I've been having some health issues. The biggest of which is the one I'm currently dealing with, a return of my Wegener's. Bleh. And it's also requiring some coordination with my professors at my school to try and keep current with my course work while still dealing with my condition. I'm supposed to take this week off of classes and just work my way though my mountain of homework and then it'll be spring break, so more time to work on homework. 

Overall, I'm just tired but I'm also impressed by the people in my life. I knew that the professors and my classmates were amazing people but they really surprised me this past week. I knew something had been off for weeks but this week was the worst for me. I had a hard time facing the idea of dealing with Wegener's again. I would say I was fine, but I wasn't. I stopped attending classes and missed my meeting with the counsilor and at the writing center. I got phone calls, emails, and visits from what started to feel like a million people all wanting to know if I was ok. Thursday I had a visit from one of my friends. I'm not sure how she got into the dorm, but she tracked me down and told me that everyone is worried and I needed to go home and let my family take care of me. She even offered to drive me home right then. And she told me she tried to visit again to make sure I did go home. I also talked to her with some text messages and a phone call. 

I wish I knew a good way to give her a thanks for such care. I shall have to think about it carefully.

I'm not sure what I wanted to do with this post. Just write something. Probably. I feel so passive today. It's better than the rage, the panic, or the sorrow. It's also so difficult to type with a cat determined to use my hand as a pillow. 

I still can't believe that I have Radar again. When my family told me he had escaped the house and couldn't find him last August, I thought I would never see him again. The day in Novemeber when I saw him standing outside, peering though the glass doors, I thought he was one of the new barn cats. But there was something about that long grey tabby cat that I had to check out, so when the cat ran off, I followed and called for my family to help me. It was Radar. We managed to catch him and bring him back inside the house and it's almost as though he's never been outside. Definitely my moment of good luck.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

LFR Surprise

I had gotten my pally Hortis to level 100 this week and have been working on gearing her and last night I was excited to realize that I could actually run lfr. And the night got even better. The group had killed the twins and after half the people left and the system quickly pulled in more people. And I noticed that the new monk tank's name was Aimei. The name seemed familar but I couldn't figure it out. I also noticed a druid on my frames who's name was showing as Navi. My raid frames only show the first four letters but I didn't think it was Navimie. I mean, what are the odds of that? But, I wanted to know and saw that it was indeed Navi! I definitely had to squeal. Frostwolves in my lfr! Now way!
You never know what you'll see in lfr.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Horray! Free Time!

Horray! Finals are over! And boo to Blizzard releasing both Warlords and Goblins vs. Gnomes at such a terrible time of the year. But, I suppose it probably isn't so awful for anyone not in the final weeks of school. Although, I can't figure out why the week before finals is called dead week. Everyone I talk to says it's because that's when all the studying, projects, etc. goes on and everyone is so rushed that they are dead to the world. I think it should be dead month then. Because every class has a big final project that they want to get in before dead week. 

Anyway, the semester is over, I think I survived. I won't know until Tuesday. But in the meantime, I have all this free time now, which means I can experience more of Warlords.

Probably my favorite feature is the garrisons. I love them! I am obsessed with collection minions. I want them all. My death knight is furthest along, but my currently lvl 96 pally has some real winners. 

First off, I have a Draeni!

Ok, maybe not that exciting, but I'm playing as horde. So any Alliance is interesting. And speaking of Draeni, how about a ghost one! I love getting ghost minions. It just seems funny to me. My pally has two ghosts in her garrison and here they are, either having an innocent conversation or planning something evil. I'm not sure which.

But my best minion is the first minion I got from my tavern. My pally just got her level 2 tavern and I had read about Soulare of Andorhal so I thought I would try and track him down. I couldn't believe my eyes when he was available to select my first time. To get him you have to look for a minion that counters wild aggression. When you emote tire to Soulare you get a toy for your toybox and whenever you praise Soulare... well... this happens: