Thursday, May 28, 2015

Settling into the new guild

I've been pretty happy with my new guild so far. They raid two nights a week but they don't raid too late since they finish at 11 pm for me. It's not a hard-core guild and we've been working though heroic content. Currently 7/10 and have to finish Blast furnace, Kromog, and Blackhand.

It definitely feels odd to be a healer, there's so much stuff to watch out for, along with healing everyone! The other day, I actually thought about my raiding history and realized that I haven't had a main healer since Ulduar came out. There's only been one raid that I mained as a healer. Since then, I've either tanked or dps. I've done some dabbling with healing and I loved being a holy pally during dragon soul lfr but I mostly just stood still casting my aoe healing. I'll admit that I have quite a learning curve to adjust to healing raids now. It's also really different from healing heroic dungeons. I have to remember that I don't have to do all the healing. I can rely on those others healers, especially that disc priest. Ugh, Disc priests and their bubbles make my heals almost unnecessary. They are the only healers I can't beat up on the healing meters, except on the trash pull right before gruul when there's lots of aoe damage, the group pops lust, I use my wings, and just go to town with the aoe healing. Bwahaha, so much healing. I might be too competitive to be a great healer.

When I haven't been raiding, I've been working on my newest obsesssion. Zeetai, is a warrior. One of the only classes I've never had at max level in any expansion. There are several guildies with warrior alts and they have made warriors sound fun, so I figured I would try again. So I made Zee. Zee is currently level 75, the highest level warrior I've ever had. I've been having a lot of fun as a fury warrior.

I've also been spending gold. Not on tokens... although I probably should. But on things like mounts and pets. I didn't expect to ever have enough gold saved up for an onyx panther. I was planning to get the yellow or green one... but the onyx one was at a really good price on the auction house... and so I made it mine. I've made several rather large purchases lately. It seems whenever I start building up gold, I find something on the auction house that I have wanted for some time and can now actually afford to buy. Not only did I get the onyx panther, I also picked up a sandstone drake, and a crawling claw. No more crying because after finishing yet another tol'var artificate  I still haven't gotten the pattern for the claw! Nope, I broke down, I bought it and I have named it Thing. Sigh, I swear, the next big thing I'm buying is a token... possibly.

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