Friday, November 29, 2013

Extremely Wild Unfounded Speculation

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During the week of BlizzCon the item I was most excited about hearing about was the new expansion. Now I'm just tired of hearing about it. Sound odd? Well... I guess it's just so nebulous and subject to change it's really hard to justify forming any opinions until I get a chance to actually play through it. Unfortunately that doesn't stop the brain from connecting dots it shouldn't and coming up with wild crazy stories that it really shouldn't. So I welcome you to my wild, impossible, and highly unlikely imaginings. Grab your tin-foil hat and throw some duct-tape on it to hold it together. 

I'll start with what I have learned so far. Basically Garrosh escapes and goes back in time to build a new Iron Horde to terrorize Draenor with and without having even accomplished that task he's also trying to send his Horde though the dark portal to the timeline that he left behind to exact his revenge or something. I'm not sure I understand why he would even consider doing that when he hasn't managed to take complete control of Draenor yet but being powerhungery apparently kills the ability to create tactical strategies. 

The story I'm interested in is the Alliance. Especially Jaina. When she learns of this I'm sure her emotion can be described in one word. Pissed. Why does no one listen to her? She warned Thrall that leaving Garrosh in charge of the Horde was stupid. I think she might have told him more then once. And she also warned Varian that he should put an end to everything right now. He didn't. And what do we find? More orcish rampage. Sure, it's not Vol-Jin and his group running rampant through the streets. But if they were given a chance they would be.

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I have no doubt that Jaina is going to want to be one of the first people though that portal to spill Orcish blood. And she's got an entire magical city at her disposal. Let's turn it into a floating army and take it to Outlands. There she shall reck the Iron Horde. First with lots of support and backing but eventually others will realize that Jaina might just have reached a point where she's now bat-shit crazy. She will break the Iron Horde but Jaina is not satisfied with that. She will not be happy until all the Horde lie broken at her feet. While once the Kirin-Tor was a proud organization it has now become a cult of fanatics much like the Scarlet Crusade. 

The Alliance leaders and Thrall meet with Jaina and try to get her to call off her genocide but she refuses and locks them in the Violet Hold. She realizes that the prison might be getting full and decides to execute the worst of her war criminals which are the blood elves from the Dalaran purge. Some of the members of the Kirin-Tor realize this insanity is going too far and hope to escape with their lives. But before leaving the city they plot a daring escape plan where they break into the Violet Hold with a group of players, rescue the Alliance leaders, Thrall, and a handful of blood elves before teleporting to a random location. Preferably somewhere far away from Dalaran.

This leaves Jaina as the big bad of the expansion and the final raid will involve sneaking into Dalaran which will have a ship battle because there can never be enough loot ship bosses. The ship will stop at the tunnel and you will have to fight waves of trash into the sewers. You will work your way though the city until you finally make your way to the highest tower where Jaina will be a multi-location fight as she teleports to new places and leaves traps behind that you have to clear away. When you finally get to the new location there will be more traps while she throws blizzards down on you. She will ice block several times throughout the fight, along with blink, and other pain-in-the-ass mage abilities. But she will do so in a more awesome and epic way. In the end you don't defeat her instead end up sending her the alternative version of Stormwind. The resultant new time bubble will be the next expansion.

Maybe it doesn't sound so crazy after all. But what are the horde doing? No idea. I haven't thought that far ahead. XD

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Mighty Thok Slain

Spoiled Milk gave Thok a try last week and we were hoping to get the kill this week on Saturday. We had cleared up to Thok on Thursday and Friday and started Saturday at Thok.

It took a lot of work. We switched up having three versus two healers. But finally went with two healers since the only dps that could switch to heals was also our best dps. Without our shaman's dps we just weren't getting enough damage done on Thok. We also switched up the order we opened the doors. We finally decided that the poison door was just overwhelming our healers so we left it for last and hoped we could do enough damage on Thok during the fire and frost doors to be able to finish him before he went on a rampage after the poison door. Our final door order was fire, frost, then poison. It was a pretty close kill but we got him in the end.

Last week our guild had considered mergering with another. After some debate it was finally decided that we would stay in our own guild. I'll admit that I'm relieved. I was nervous about how this merger would take place and how it would affect our raid group. I know we aren't pushing heroics right now and I'm not certain that it's something we will be doing in the next expansion. But that's still some time away and we've got to finish getting though SoO. We're getting closer.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Gastalon the Mage

Last night I really wanted to level but I didn't want to run dungeons. I was actually feeling like questing. It's a rare feeling and I'm sure it'll go away soon. But it left me with a bit of a problem. The toons I'm currently leveling have been sitting in their capital cities this whole time and haven't gone out into the world at all because I've just been running dungeons using dungeon finder. I knew if I tried to take them to an appropriate place to quest I'd get bored along the way and end up running dungeons again.

So I found myself staring at my character screen and wondering what to do. Then I had a brilliant idea. New toon! As I looked at the full screen I thought about switching to Firetree or another connected realm when I realized the toon at the bottom had never actually been started. Gastalon has been patiently waiting since Febuary for some love and a chance to wear the Gaston mog I came up with for Matty's Oscar party. It seemed like it was fine to go and level...a mage.

I've never managed to level a male toon so I'm feeling pretty excited. Gastalon isn't very certain that being a mage is manly. He thought that a warrior or hunter would be better. I'm still not sure how I won this argument. But he's definitely mad about wearing the dress. He can't wait to wear a shirt and pants.

Which means running around and blasting stuff in the face. He managed to reach level 13 last night. Gastalon didn't particularly care what spec he was. He didn't think any sound particularly macho so he left the choice up to me. I had a hard time choosing. I've leveled my last mage as frost and she raided Dragon Soul dungeon finder as fire and I was trying to decide if I wanted to try arcane or stick with something I was familiar with. Gastalon finally made the decision when he declared that he wasn't following in the holves of some draenei bimbo. He's words. Not mine. I decided that he might be right. About playing arcane that is. My Azilem is hardly a bimbo.

Now I just have to keep Vaunt from finding out that I'm spending time running around as a mage istead of throwing green fire and chaos bolts at stuff. It's never good to get on a warlock's bad side.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lost of Raids and other things

Holy cow! It's been almost a whole month since I last wrote.

Things have been a bit crazy. I've had a few more tests and the doctors have finally decided that my pain comes from two sources. One is from acid reflux and the other is nerve/muscle/or something else. They weren't too certain about the second source other then it wasn't anything internal. I'm definitely starting to feel better. I'm currently planning to return to college in January. I'm really excited about it.

Currently I'm helping more around the farm. My dad was cleaning the office windows using the lift when he fell and landed in the holding area. He broke some ribs, the bone in the back of the shoulder, and one of the bones in his back. Things could have been a lot worse. My dad spent a night at the hospital but then he's been home. He had to wear some braces but he's now doing a lot better.

Alright, now for what I've been up to in WoW. Let me think. I've been raiding. And some more raiding. I think I did some raiding on this other night as well. XD

Are late night weekend raid team is currently working on Thok. It's definitely a good fight to be a hunter on but I'm feeling like my lack of gear is holding my raid team back. I try to remind myself that I'm not actually undergeared just not as geared as everyone else. Right now everyone is hoping I can get a weapon drop and maybe a trinket as well. But I have confidence that I'll get something this week. I finally got my legendary cloak on my hunter and things can only get more awesome from there.

My guild leader has also been trying to build a second raiding group. It doesn't raid quite as late at night and it mostly consists of alts and friends from other guilds. We've even got Arv to come dps a few times. Norushen is not very cooperative though. Of the times we've been though we've only killed him once. I'm hoping that as the weeks progress we'll get a more consistent group of raiders and start progressing though it better. But it's still been fun and it's awesome to get to raid with Arv again.

I've also moved several of my toons from Shadow Rising to Spoiled Milk. I was really tempted to leave my death knight in SR but I realized that I haven't been playing her because I know that I'll miss out on any pugs, flexs, or other things that SM is doing and that SR isn't. I do my the SR crew but I'm glad that the SM people enjoy having me hang out with them so much.

I feel like I've gotten a lot closer to them now that I'm "offically" SM. Which is kinda funny because they are currently talking about merging our guild with another one called insomnia. It's a late-night raiding guild and the hope is to be able to have the twenty people for the mythic raiding in the new expansion. I wonder why they think we'll be pushing that content when we aren't even doing heroics now? Insomina is which has me wondering why they would consider absorbing us. It's not set in stone right now and I'm definitely worried about it. I don't want to lose the people I'm currently with. We're hoping to get a flex group with some of the members from Insomina to see how well we mesh together. It'll be an interesting night.