Friday, November 22, 2013

Gastalon the Mage

Last night I really wanted to level but I didn't want to run dungeons. I was actually feeling like questing. It's a rare feeling and I'm sure it'll go away soon. But it left me with a bit of a problem. The toons I'm currently leveling have been sitting in their capital cities this whole time and haven't gone out into the world at all because I've just been running dungeons using dungeon finder. I knew if I tried to take them to an appropriate place to quest I'd get bored along the way and end up running dungeons again.

So I found myself staring at my character screen and wondering what to do. Then I had a brilliant idea. New toon! As I looked at the full screen I thought about switching to Firetree or another connected realm when I realized the toon at the bottom had never actually been started. Gastalon has been patiently waiting since Febuary for some love and a chance to wear the Gaston mog I came up with for Matty's Oscar party. It seemed like it was fine to go and level...a mage.

I've never managed to level a male toon so I'm feeling pretty excited. Gastalon isn't very certain that being a mage is manly. He thought that a warrior or hunter would be better. I'm still not sure how I won this argument. But he's definitely mad about wearing the dress. He can't wait to wear a shirt and pants.

Which means running around and blasting stuff in the face. He managed to reach level 13 last night. Gastalon didn't particularly care what spec he was. He didn't think any sound particularly macho so he left the choice up to me. I had a hard time choosing. I've leveled my last mage as frost and she raided Dragon Soul dungeon finder as fire and I was trying to decide if I wanted to try arcane or stick with something I was familiar with. Gastalon finally made the decision when he declared that he wasn't following in the holves of some draenei bimbo. He's words. Not mine. I decided that he might be right. About playing arcane that is. My Azilem is hardly a bimbo.

Now I just have to keep Vaunt from finding out that I'm spending time running around as a mage istead of throwing green fire and chaos bolts at stuff. It's never good to get on a warlock's bad side.


  1. Oh, you're so right! I hope Vaunt doesn't find out about you consorting with Mages. The consequences could be really green fiery bad for you!

    1. I'm terrified about what she'll demand as payment for allowing me to spend time with a mage. Those goblins like gold but they also like all kinds of bling and status symbols and blackmail.