Friday, November 29, 2013

Extremely Wild Unfounded Speculation

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During the week of BlizzCon the item I was most excited about hearing about was the new expansion. Now I'm just tired of hearing about it. Sound odd? Well... I guess it's just so nebulous and subject to change it's really hard to justify forming any opinions until I get a chance to actually play through it. Unfortunately that doesn't stop the brain from connecting dots it shouldn't and coming up with wild crazy stories that it really shouldn't. So I welcome you to my wild, impossible, and highly unlikely imaginings. Grab your tin-foil hat and throw some duct-tape on it to hold it together. 

I'll start with what I have learned so far. Basically Garrosh escapes and goes back in time to build a new Iron Horde to terrorize Draenor with and without having even accomplished that task he's also trying to send his Horde though the dark portal to the timeline that he left behind to exact his revenge or something. I'm not sure I understand why he would even consider doing that when he hasn't managed to take complete control of Draenor yet but being powerhungery apparently kills the ability to create tactical strategies. 

The story I'm interested in is the Alliance. Especially Jaina. When she learns of this I'm sure her emotion can be described in one word. Pissed. Why does no one listen to her? She warned Thrall that leaving Garrosh in charge of the Horde was stupid. I think she might have told him more then once. And she also warned Varian that he should put an end to everything right now. He didn't. And what do we find? More orcish rampage. Sure, it's not Vol-Jin and his group running rampant through the streets. But if they were given a chance they would be.

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I have no doubt that Jaina is going to want to be one of the first people though that portal to spill Orcish blood. And she's got an entire magical city at her disposal. Let's turn it into a floating army and take it to Outlands. There she shall reck the Iron Horde. First with lots of support and backing but eventually others will realize that Jaina might just have reached a point where she's now bat-shit crazy. She will break the Iron Horde but Jaina is not satisfied with that. She will not be happy until all the Horde lie broken at her feet. While once the Kirin-Tor was a proud organization it has now become a cult of fanatics much like the Scarlet Crusade. 

The Alliance leaders and Thrall meet with Jaina and try to get her to call off her genocide but she refuses and locks them in the Violet Hold. She realizes that the prison might be getting full and decides to execute the worst of her war criminals which are the blood elves from the Dalaran purge. Some of the members of the Kirin-Tor realize this insanity is going too far and hope to escape with their lives. But before leaving the city they plot a daring escape plan where they break into the Violet Hold with a group of players, rescue the Alliance leaders, Thrall, and a handful of blood elves before teleporting to a random location. Preferably somewhere far away from Dalaran.

This leaves Jaina as the big bad of the expansion and the final raid will involve sneaking into Dalaran which will have a ship battle because there can never be enough loot ship bosses. The ship will stop at the tunnel and you will have to fight waves of trash into the sewers. You will work your way though the city until you finally make your way to the highest tower where Jaina will be a multi-location fight as she teleports to new places and leaves traps behind that you have to clear away. When you finally get to the new location there will be more traps while she throws blizzards down on you. She will ice block several times throughout the fight, along with blink, and other pain-in-the-ass mage abilities. But she will do so in a more awesome and epic way. In the end you don't defeat her instead end up sending her the alternative version of Stormwind. The resultant new time bubble will be the next expansion.

Maybe it doesn't sound so crazy after all. But what are the horde doing? No idea. I haven't thought that far ahead. XD

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