Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Raiding and Other Games

Last I wrote, I was a holy pally just starting raiding with a new guild. The guild has been a good fit for me but I found I was becoming more and more unhappy with being a healer. Luckily for me, we needed a new tank. Our guild leader took over tanking until the end of Blackrock Foundry but since he really didn't like tanking, so he was really looking for someone else to tank. I had just finished leveling up my brewmaster monk and was having a blast with her so I got permission to switch from my pally to my monk at the start of Hellfire Citadel.

We're working our way though normals but we have killed the first boss on heroic and we have plans to make the transition from normal to heroic.

Outside of raiding, I've found myself not wanting to play WoW that much. After a bit of thinking I decided that I just needed to play another game for a bit. I thought I could hold out until WildStar was ftp but I've been feeling really restless now. I decided I needed to try something that had caught my attention years ago but I've never felt motivated to actually play the game before. Now I felt a need for change and nothing seems like a larger change than to head into space with Star Trek Online!

I'm not very far along in the game but it's a beautiful game. I love all the customization options that are available. There's also two different kinds of combat, ground and space. Ground is pretty easy to understand but space combat is both really awesome and while it's easy enough to understand, the fact that you're battling in 3-D space while moving along at warp speed makes it difficult. I'm definitely looking forward to exploring more of the galaxy.

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