Friday, February 7, 2014

Mog the World - Week 1

The first week of Dragonray's Mog the World competition is over and there's an amazing video showcasing everyone's transmogs and announcing the winner. Check her sight first if you don't want any spoilers other then which one is mine :)

As I was watching the video I kept waiting to see my submission. While I've been close to winning before I've never actually won any mog competition. So I was really excited and shocked when I saw that the winner was being announced and I hadn't seen my entry yet. Could it be? OMG, Yes! I won! I'm so excited. I might not win any more or I could but I'm really happy that of the outfits I created my favorite one has won.

The items used in this mog are:
Gossamer headpiece, windchanneller's mantle, permafrost cape, silvermoon robes, mystic's bracelets, nethersteel-lined handwraps, belt of divine guidance, red mageweave pants, glider's foot-wratps, staff of the sunchaser. You can check Wowhead for more information about these pieces.

This outfit was created using the Lichtenstein flag as inspiration.

One of the things that caught my eye about this flag was the name of the country. Seriously! It's fun to say. Lichtenstein, Lichtenstein, How I'd like to make it mine, Lichtenstein! Anyway, I also liked the flag because of the crown. It game me a direction to build a theme around. I wanted to find a helm that was a close to that crown as I could get and then build an appropriate royal outfit from there. I immediately thought of Whitemane's Chapeau so I started searching though the cloth helms. While I was looking I found the white and gold one and immediately fell in love with it. Now I needed a plan for the outfit. I thought about finding a blue robe and outfitting it with red accessories but decided that none of the blue robes were quite right. So I searched though the red ones. And what could be more regal than some silvermoon robes? I then went to the shoulders and loved how the windchanneller's mantle's yellow accents picked up the yellow in the robe. Some quick searches found me with some appropriate gloves, bracers, belt, and boots and I was left with the back and weapon. I searched for a cape and decided I needed to find something ornate and would match the yellow lines found in the robe and shoulders and I felt the permafrost cape fit the bill nicely. The last thing I needed was a weapon and I decided to go with a staff. None of the pieces in the outfit were class specific so I wanted a weapon that any of the cloth casters could use and new that a staff would fit the bill nicely. Since I had started with blood elf inspired robes I figured I should just run with it and grabbed an appropriately themed staff which also fit the Lichtenstein colors and displayed the whole mog on a blood elf.