Monday, January 27, 2014

Two Heroics in the First Week!

Having killed Garrosh we've now started working on heroics. It's a bit of a double-edged sword because we've only got two days for progress instead of three. That means we either have to kill everything and Garrosh or spend all our time working on heroics. This week we spent working on heroics.

The first one we attempted was Immereus.

It was a very close kill. It took us a couple of attempts to even get past the first phase. But we kept working. Made some adjustments. And managed to get a kill. But it was due to the one warlock left standing.

We put a few attempts on the Protectors but decided to kill them on normal and then attempt to kill Norushen on heroic.

I was surprised by how little the fight changed. Or I might feel that it wasn't much of a change since I got to take one of the first orbs and then just kill stuff. We had to keep really pushing the dps. The enrage timer was really close and it got us quite a few times before we finally managed to squeeze enough dps out to kill Norushen. I was really excited because I got a piece of heroic gear! New pants! They were a perfect upgrade for me since they don't break my 4-piece! 

We tried Galakras a few times but the night was getting late so we've decided to try again next week.
But it's still pretty awesome to have managed to get two heroics in one week. :)


  1. Fantastic work Tyle! I'm hoping for an immerseus kill today :)