Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Reflections on 2013

It's a brand new year! I know that it's usually the time when people start making goals and plans for the new year but I find myself a bit reflective instead. It's been a big year full of many changes for me in the game.

Last year I had a very specific goal in mind for myself. I would be raiding with my human death knight. Preferably as frost but blood was acceptable. I seemed to have flubbed that goal by quite a bit but I can't say that I regret it.

I leveled and geared a new toon for almost all of the different raid tiers. The first tier I was a human death knight. I didn't get to see heart of fear because my raid group was still stuck in MSV. I made the switch to a goblin warlock and blood elf death knight for Throne of Thunder and then to a pandaren hunter for Seige of Orgrimmar. Only one of these toons existed at the start of last year.

So I find myself wondering what will be in the future? I know there's a new expansion coming out and my toons will be level 100. But will I switch classes? Maybe I'll find myself returning to the Alliance. Will I be a death knight again? Maybe a rogue? Or a shaman?

There's a lot of questions going though my mind. I do know that I don't want to play a caster class again. I love my little warlock and her green fire but I can't stand actually raiding with her. On the other hand I'm really falling in love with my hunter. I know I originally played her because she could fill in the missing raid buff and at first I was really dissatisfied with her. But I've come to realize it wasn't that I didn't like playing a hunter I just didn't like being under geared. I hated feeling that I was holding people back. Now I feel like I'm a contributing member of the team. And I'm loving the hunter. I like being at ranged but still instant casting things. I only have one ability that requires a cast time but I can still move while casting it.

It's strange to think of myself as a hunter. I have no tank or healing off-spec and it's nice to know that when I go to a raid I'm expected to dps. It's something frustrating because I can't help fill an empty role but it rarely needs to be filled. Maybe I should just accept that I'm an altaholic and accept that I can be happy as almost any class as long as I'm happy with the spec.

Right now my plans for the new year are to continue raiding with Spoiled Milk. They are a great group of people and I enjoy spending time with them in raids and outside of it. The hours are a bit later then I would like but they aren't really outrageous and they'll fit in to my schedule nicely when I return to school in a few weeks. The goal is to kill Garrosh and then to start working on heroic modes of certain fights. This week will be our third week of attempts on Garrosh. We've gotten the first phase down pat but we've been struggling with dealing with empowered corruption and the mind controls. We've had several really close attempts and even saw him push into phase three as our raid member died but we just need a bit more dps on Garrosh. It's a struggle. There's a lot to deal with but we've been working on it. And we are hoping to get it soon.

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