Saturday, January 18, 2014

One Garrosh Attempt

I've been a bit busy and distracted with the start of a new semester of classes and I'm really glad with how well the raid's times fit into a school schedule. Thursday we killed the first six bosses and attempted to get some gear for some new people and a few alts. Friday was a night for more serious raiding. We actually extended a lock-out this week and started the night on Thok. It was a very close attempt with everyone but the tanks dead at the end. We moved to Paragons who went down well and I rolled the bow which has better stats then my current one. Next we had to tackle Garrosh. We took a quick five minute break and then began our first attempt of the night. And it was going well. Really well. No one was dying. Mind-controls were being interrupted. We were moving together. Adds were being handled. And Garrosh's health was whittling down. I told myself to just focus and keep doing my job and before I knew it.

Bam! Achievement spam! And I got an heirloom!

And a mount! And a title! I was really excited! I even got most of the raid to stand in a group for a screenshot. Not bad for a first pull. Although I don't know what I'm going to do tomorrow since we won't be trying for Garrosh. :)


  1. Wowza! Congratulations! Some days just go like this…everything you want goes your way! Congratulations!

  2. Somehow missed this post! Grats Tyle (again!)