Friday, May 16, 2014

Mog the World - Weeks 8-12

It's about time I finished posting all my transmogs from the Mog the World. So here they are.

Week 8 - Jamaica

stylin' adventure hat, skybreaker's mantle, the emperor's new cape, captain's breastplate, triumphant bracers, gauntlets of the windreacher, der'izu belt, savage gladiator leggings, savage gladiator greaves, penate's penance-procuring pistol
for a hunter

Week 9 - Armenia

cowl of benevolence, mantle of the elven kings, cloak of courage, chan's imperial robes, stylish blue shirt, gloves of piety, belt of ominous trembles, fire striders, suen-wo, spire of the falling sun
for any cloth wearer

Week 10 - Nigeria 

crown of seven sacred seals, doubt ridden shoulderguards, maiden's tattered sail, gypsy tunic, formal white shirt, shardtooth gloves, dervish belt, giant-friend kilt, staff of devine infusion
for a monk

Week 11 - Barbados

helm of the illidari shatterer, frostblight pauldrons, renegade cloak, heavy chestpiece of eminent domain, august celestials tabard, gauntlets of the solemn charge, borak's belt of bravery, greatheart pants, ice-scored threads, firethorn mindslice, royal crest of lordaeron
for a paladin

Week 12 - Tanzania

guide of the tidal lurker, deep earth mantle, stillwalker's cloak, replica feralheart vest, jangdor's handcrafted gloves, replica darkmantle belt, jinxed hoodoo kilt, swarmpwalker boots, dreambinder
for a monk or druid

This outfit was the winner for week 12. Yay! That was exciting because I really liked how this one turned out. Druids... I should just stick to designing for druids :) Oh... wait. I did a nice priest mog... druids and priests than.

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