Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I have been completely done with school for a week. I've been moved out of the dorms and even gotten my grades back. That's exciting. What hasn't been exciting is WoW.

Do I hate the game? Nope. Tired of it? Not really. But I just haven't had anything I've been excited about either. It's this limbo feeling of wondering, what do I do next?

The situation with the guild is not looking too good. We had two members quit WoW because they were moving around and didn't know if or when they'll have internet. Understandable. But they left a big hole to fill. Last week, one of our healers informed us that he'll no longer be able to make our late-night raiding times. Since the possibilities of raiding looked pretty slim another member pugged a heroic group and another member quit the guild. It's looking grim and I'm left wondering ... what now?

As much as I hate to consider it... I think I might have to start looking for another guild. I hate it but it happens. But that really leaves me with the question... what now?

What do I want? Would I be willing to transfer server? Do I want to be Horde or Alliance? Death knight, druid, hunter? What toon do I want to be moving forward? Am I going to start completely over or keep what I have? Is it a question I want to solve now or in the future?

I have a lot to think about.

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