Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Last Blog Post until May

Honestly! How did the semester sneak by so fast?

Last week was lovely with my Easter break but I'm now left with the realization that there are only two weeks left of classes and one more week for exams. 3 weeks! There's not enough time!

Sorry, I'm done with my panicking. For now. It'll return. Anyway, I think I can handle what's to come but I'm so incredibly nervous now. The end is in sight!

But that also means I'm busy with final projects. I've got a paper left to write, one to edit, some creative work to edit, a public reading of my fiction piece, and a group presentation.

I'm absolutely freaking out.

But I most likely won't be posting anything again until I have all these projects taken care of.

At which point I'll be wondering how I ever managed to stuff all the junk in my room inside the boxes that I've got. It's physically impossible. How did I manage to do it?

Ah well. One worry at a time.

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