Sunday, April 6, 2014


I definitely owe the OLRG an apology. I'm really sorry. I was really excited to be able to raid Horde side with everyone and when you said we were all able to invite people I thought I'd ask if anyone in the guild wanted to go. I did explain that it was just a fun, relaxed group that just wanted to see the raids, maybe pick up some gear or achievements, but just wanted to have a good time.

The one I don't think anyone had problems with but the other I'm really sorry about. In hindsight I definitely shouldn't have invited him. I know that he has a warped sense of humor, is a bit thoughtless,  and has offended people in the past. He definitely wasn't a good fit.

I won't be invited him anymore and I will definitely think harder about anyone new I invite into the mix. But I just want to say, once again, I'm really sorry for bring someone who put a dent in what should have been a fun night.


  1. He wasn't THAT bad - we LOVE you and trust you, so no need to give it a second thought. Here's a good rule of thumb: if you have one moment's discomfort with us OLRG, speak up - we want everyone to have fun. My spidey senses were tingling as I didn't think your friend was - do not worry please. We adore you, and can't wait to run Horde again!

  2. Everyone loves you Ty, and if they don't love your friends - well, that's ok! It's not like you condoned his behaviour, right?