Thursday, April 17, 2014

Liebster Awards - About Damn Time

I know! I know! I've had these for two weeks now and I'm finally getting around to them. It's the end of the school year. Papers, papers, papers, presentation, papers... it's busy. But it's Easter Break!!! Horray! Got to love those Catholic schools and their excuses to give students a week off. Anyway, I'm still busy with homework but I'm not freaking out about it anymore. And I have a brand-new, beautiful laptop. It's gorgeous. I'm in love with it. I'm not quite as in love with Windows 8.1 but... there's not much I can do with that other than bask in the Windows 7 on everyone's computer. I'm certain my beef with it is just that I'm not used to it and it's taken me half an hour the first time to figure out how to actually turn my computer off. It's a brilliant start.

But I'm not making a post to gush about my new shiny. Nope. I was going to actually tackle the requirements of the Liebster Award.

Thank you Navi and Van for the nominations.

As to who I'll nominate, I've decided I'm going to have to pass. I think my list of potential nominees has been pretty much tapped out. Anyway, On with the questions!

I'll start with Navi's questions:

1. If you worked for Blizzard in the WoW department, what job would you like to do?
I would like to create quests! Which is weird because I don't quest. But I think it would be fun to develop the storylines for the zone and consider the best way to guide a toon though it. And I would refuse to do poop quests. They're just gross. Instead, our heros should be doing... heroic things!

2. If any of these races became playable, which would you choose and why - Murloc, Naga, Ogre?
I would choose Murlocs! Mrrggggrlll! They have bright colors and, as I've learned in hearthstone and in WoW, when they work together, they are powerful little monsters.

3. What has been your greatest frustation in WoW?
My greatest frustration would have to be... uh... hmm... I do get frustrated by things in game but that frustration doesn't stick around for very long. And nothing seems to be standing out as the worst, most frustrating thing ever.

4. If you could design a Children's week orphan - what places would you take he/she to visit?
I'd like a Pandaren one, except their cubs have freakishly large eyes and they scare me. So maybe a murloc orphan. Those little ones are so adorable. And that  make such cute sounds. I would like to take my little murloc to go see the Jinyu... wait. I'm Horde. That would be bad. uh... to Darkshore... wait. Those murlocs are homeless now... and I'm Horde!!! Hmmm.... The Murloc village in Borean Tundra! That's a good place to take murlocs... And... I was going to say Westfall and Eastville but... Why are all the good murloc villages in Alliance territory?!!!

5. Name an item of clothing/weapon that you wish there was an in game equivalent of for transmog (eg Tinkerbell's dress).
I'd like to see more shorts and even some shorter skirts. But that does run into the problem of what shoes would go with them...

6. Do you prefer donuts, bagels or muffins? And any particular flavour?
Muffins! Blueberry. Mmmm.

7. If you could have any car in the world - what car would you drive?
I was tempted to try and make stuff up. But honestly. One that runs. And I like red. And I don't really want a car. There's not enough leg room and it's so low to the ground. And if we're going to dream, I'd dream I have a chauffer to drive me, because I hate driving in traffic. I would like my vehicle to be comfortable. But what kind of car. Meh, don't care.

8. What item do you want in game the most?
Goodness. What do I want most... There's the impossible answer and the more practical answer.
The impossible one is the spectral tiger mount. They are still as gorgeous and unattainable now as they were when I first started playing. The more practical answer is the Crawling Claw. It's Thing! From the Addams Family! Someday, someday...

9. Tell me WHY you like your favourite three blogs! Ok that's not a question...
I have favorites? Uhh... I like the blogs that I do because they are fun. There's places I can go to learn information but when I read blogs, I like to see what others are doing, get new perspectives, and see a personal touch. I feel like I get to know the person behind the blog though what they've written.

10. What is the BEST thing Blingtron has given you?
I have made a Blingtron in the hopes that having more access to him would get me a better haul but nope. Blingtron gives me dance bombs and paper airplanes. But there was one time where he gave me a rose, that would probably be the best item he's given me.

11. Tell me about your most cringeworthy moment (doesn't have to be WoW).
Heh. There's a lot of those. I'd have to say it's probably the time I went down a small bluff under a golfcart. My dad was on a trip to the Boundary waters with my brother so my older sister and I were in charge of the farm while he was gone. The second morning he was gone, I helped my sister milk cows and then went to feed calves. I saw a calf running around. I thought I could catch her and return her to where she belonged. But she took off running and I followed in the golf cart. She stopped at this short bluff over the road and I followed close to her. I got too close to the edge. The cart was stopped but I couldn't get it to go backwards. That happens sometimes and usually if you push you can get it out. So I got out and decided to give the golfcart a push. But I couldn't move it. And than it ran over my foot. I couldn't move. I couldn't get out of it's way. If I pushed it forward I could get my foot out but than I couldn't reach the break to get out from in front. I didn't have a cell-phone so I couldn't call for help. And my arms were getting tired. So I decided I'd hold on for dear life and let the golfcart go down the bluff. It was a quick trip and when it landed I let go and had the breath knocked out of me. It hurt like hell. There were two vehicles that went by on the road and they both stopped because they were worried about me. They wanted to make sure I was alright and they fetched my sister from the barn. Nothing was broken and I was sore but fine afterwards. Unfortunately, I shall forever be the goofball that took a ride down a bluff under a golfcart.

Now for Van's questions:

1. Are you a screenshot taker? How many do you have? Post one of your favorites.
I don't take screenshots very often. I forget about it. I also tend to loose anything I've taken when my old computers die and I get a new computer because I'm too cheep to pay for data transfer. But the warlock screenshot is one of my favorites. I was leveling Vaunt as demonology and was on a quest where this burning blood would stack and transform the creature into the warlock purple demon. When my voidwalker and several of my spawned imps got changed I knew I had to change shape and join in. It's a flock of purple demons!

 2. How did you get started playing WoW?
I had a friend at my first college who played. I watched her a few times and figured I might as well give it a try. I've been playing ever since.

 3. What is your favorite instance and why? This can be a raid, dungeon, or scenario.
Halls of Reflection! The first portion is a bit boring but I can still remember the first time I attempted that dungeon. There were adds coming from everywhere and our group was trying to control them. It was insane! We finally managed to scrape though it and than we moved on and saw Jania loosing to the Lich King. And than the chase! Omg! The chase. I had goosebumps. I still got them some time later. It was a fight that really had me wondering if we were going to make it. It's hands down my favorite boss fight ever.

 4. If you could leave the Horde/Alliance and join another faction, which one would you join?
I left the Alliance to join the Horde, does that count? But no more faction switches! Unless it's to return to the Alliance. Which I'm not planning to do. Not right now, anyway.

 5. What is your favorite battle pet?
Lil' Deathwing. He's a beast. He hits like a brick. He also crumbles like paper XD But it's Deathwing!

 6. What in-game item do you want the most but haven’t gotten yet?
Ok... I mentioned the Claw earlier so I'll pick another one. I want the Raven Lord. It's a gorgeous mount. I've spent some time farming him but haven't done so recently. I've been distracted by other things. It's definitely something I'm going to have to go attempt again.

 7. What class have you never quite been able to level/not gotten the hang of?
Warrior. It's the only class that I haven't gotten to end game in all of the expansions. I've gotten rogue in BC, rogue, druid, paladin, priest in Wrath, rogue, druid, paladin, priest, mage, death knight, and shaman in Cata, and druid, paladin, death knight, warlock, hunter, ,shaman, and most recently monk in MoP. The only class not on this list is warrior. I just don't play warriors for some reason.

 8. Were you happy with MoP? What was your favorite thing/least favorite thing about the expansion?
I really liked MoP. I love the new class, race, and the scenery. My favorite thing has to be the panderan. I love their hair and they are a fun race to play. My least favorite thing has to be all the dailies and rep grinding. It was a major pain for getting gear at the start.

 9. Are you looking forward to WoD? Why/why not?
I'm looking forward to new raids! I'm so tired of SoO right now. It'll be nice to be able to expand and bring new people into the raid and have flexibility with numbers. There's going to be lots of new things to see and do and I'm really looking forward to what's coming.

 10. Who is your favorite faction leader?
Varian. Yes! The human Alliance leader. It's the hair. And the scar. I'm a sucker for scars across the nose or down the eye. But he's started to become a really interesting character in MoP. He no longer wants to attack first and ask questions later. He's developed a heart. I have high hopes for him.

11. Do you collect transmog gear?
Yes, I collect it. I collect it but than never use it. I've got bags and mailboxes full of gear because I might someday want it for a transmog but I just don't do much transmogging. It's terrible!

Horray! I'm done! Wait... not done. 11 facts about me:

1. I was in marching band during high school and my first year of college. I played the clarinet. Alright, fine, I pretended to play the clarinet because I could never find the air to both march and play at the same time. Plus the coordination needed to do all that and remember where I was supposed to go? Impossible!

2. I have currently changed my major 4 times now and my school 3 times. I'm currently an English major. That means I've been doing quite a bit of reading lately. It's been a blast.

3. I'm a romance novel junkie. I love to read them because I know there's a happy ending. Throw in some Scotts or some vampires and I might start drooling. But no sparkling vampires, please.

4. I like to try new recipes. I enjoy cooking. Unless it's discovering that I didn't get the boneless and skinless chicken and to make my sesame chicken I than had to remove all the skin and pull out the bones from some chicken thighs. That was awful. But it was really good sesame chicken.

5. I joined Facebook in 2005, back when it was first starting and only allowed college students. But now I rarely use it.

6. I'm terrible with naming things. I've had a Beta fish I named Mr. Beta and another named Red. I've had a goat named Goat-Goat and a rabbit named Hossenfeffer. It's a miracle Radar, my cat, got a decent name.

7. I really, desperately wanted to learn German so I could read the Brother's Grimm fairy tales in German. I've only got one semester in before I changed school and majors. My other schools haven't offered German. Now I'm going to have to learn Spanish.

8. When I was younger my dream job was to be an author and illustrator. I still really want to be an author.

9. My favorite tv shows are Grimm and both Once Upon a Times. I love seeing the reinterpretations of fairy tales.

10. I love the winter! It's my favorite season. The snow, the cold, hot cocoa, the snow. There's a lot of reasons I really love the winter.

11. Last one! Thank goodness. I'm pummeling my brain to come up with new things about me. Alright... I used to freak out about mind-control slugs since catching one of the Star Trek episodes when I was still young enough to believe everything I saw on tv. Yes, Picard saved the day, but there were slugs in those people's ears! Eww!


  1. Yay! Thanks for doing my questions Tyle :D And omg your foot...

  2. You need to read Lynsay Sands if you don't already.

    Romance, Humor, Non-Sparkly Vampires, Scots, etc.

    Seriously though, read her :D

    1. OMG!!! She's one of my favorite authors! I see one of her Argeneau books on the shelf and I have to have. And I love her historical fantasy too. I think The Key is one of my favorites :)

    2. I am reading The Key right now! I just bought it on my Kindle.

      The last Argeneau book kind of let me down a little bit at the end. The whole story was awesome up until she just kind of cut it off. Made me sad.

      Have you read any Karen Marie Moning? Definitely check her out if you haven't. Especially since you love Lynsay Sands.

      BTW I got my character name from A Quick Bite from Lynsay Sands