Friday, July 5, 2013

New Obsession

My newest leveling obsession was going to be a goblin warrior. She was adorable with her sassy little red ponytail and she had all three of the boa's that you can buy from the guild vendor. I had even gotten her invited into the guild.

But then I made a hunter. 
A Panda hunter. It's all Slice's fault. A few days ago when I posted about my favorite races he had left a comment asking why panda's wheren't on that list. The thing is, I do like pandas but I just can't seem to play them. But I've only tried to play panda monks. I knew the problem wasn't that I don't like monks since I have a night elf one at level 60 so I figured the problem is that I just couldn't play a panda for some reason. But they have some really awesome hair. So I gave it some more thought and decided to try another panda but this time with a different class. Hunter has been calling out to me for some time and it felt perfect. I wasn't too thrilled with the pet turtle but I knew I could get a cat soon enough. Besides it's better than the dog worgen start with and I still have that pet buried in my hunter's stable. So Awoi the hunter was born. For those looking to figure out how to pronounce that it's eye oh wah. I'm far too easily amused.
As Awoi leveled up and got new abilities she decided she liked her little turtle and named it Soup. He's a great companion when traveling solo and filling in for tanks who weren't so great and left before a single boss is killed. But Awoi definitely needed more companions because switching Soup's talents and remembering to turn taunt on and off is a lot of work. It's far easier to have another pet just for dpsing. And the perfect pet for that is a cat. My first thought was to head north and pick up a ghost saber but after some thought and a quick look at petopia I remembered a really cool cat I have never been able to catch before. The white lion Echeyakee!
Two pets is a good start but I remembered running across a rare while questing with both my warlock and my warrior in Stonetalon Mountains that I really liked. So a quick check and Awoi had a new pet.
And a pet that she knew just what to do with. Pvp! Just a little bit of pvp
Ok. Fine. Awoi did a fair bit of pvping. It's a lot of fun as a low-level hunter. Wearing the heirlooms that I just had to get because, honestly, why does all the leather gear have intellect on it? Heirlooms were the only way to get a decent set of pants! Upon reaching level 35 sometime after midnight I figured it was time to call it a break. But I think Awoi is definitely going to be sticking around.


  1. She looks deceptively sweet, but she's a pvp killing machine! I've got to get my Hunter to 90 and go hunting for pets.

    1. She is sweet! Unless your Alliance in one of my battlegrounds. And the hunt for pets is so addicting. I mean you can only really use one at a time but the collecting bug just insists you need more and more.

  2. Replies
    1. The scariest part to me is that every time she's in Org she insists on getting a new hair cut. If I'm lucky she only wants to change the color in her hair but sometimes she wants something a little more extensive.

  3. I'm having fun with my hunter too, I should probably try PvPing with him too, that'll be a nice change of scene from my pally. The only thing that sucks is the LFD/LFR queue times are soooooo long...I've been spoiled with tank insta-queues, lol.

    1. I actually like waiting for dps ques but I think it's because it gives me a specific time to go do dailies. But I also think it's because I'm a wimp about tanking lfr. I'd much rather have to wait for the dps que than tank for 24 random strangers.

  4. yay! A panda!!!!!!!!!!!

    /high paw!

    I knew i shoulda made my hunter a panda....

    I like them too much i think....

    too bad pandas cant be locks or paladins or dks...or druids....

    they should let pandas be all...they are too GD cute....

    1. /high paw!

      Yay! I have a panda! And those other classes are why other races exist. WoW would be a bit boring if there wasn't nothing but pandas running around. We'd die from the sheer cuteness of it all XD