Monday, July 1, 2013

Community Blog Topic - Favorite Playable Race

This week's Wow Insider Community Blog Topic is what is your favorite playable race?

So what's my favorite race? In the Alliance my favorite is the Night Elves!

My Night Elf Monk - Gorgeous for a level 60 isnt' she?
I mostly just play female toons. I keep trying to make a male one but then I always end up deleting them. I think I've come to accept that I just like looking pretty :). But what I like most about the night elves are the hair, hair color, and tattoo options. My first, second, and third toons were all night elves. I told myself I should stop making them so I could have some diversity and eventually started to enjoy playing some of the other races. The night elf monk is one of the first night elves I've made in over a year and I've really enjoyed being a night elf again. Makes me wonder why I felt I needed diversity XD

Alright fine, if I want to play all the classes than I would need more than a bunch of night elves. When I bought the Burning Crusade expansion I wasn't certain what to think of these weird blue creatures. I didn't really enjoy playing them at first. The horns really bothered me but they had some really awesome hair styles. But I've found that they've been growing on me. I did a look the other day and was surprised to realize all my draenei have the same style of horns. It wasn't so much that I had learned to live with the horns but that I found a style that I liked.

When I first started playing WoW I was determined not to play a human. What's the point of playing a fantasy game if you spend your time running around as a human? But I eventually changed my mind. While the human's don't have any really wild haircuts or crazy hair colors they do have a nice range of styles and colors to choose from. I started with just a human warlock because I couldn't make a draenei or night elf one but she really grew on me. So I wanted to have more humans which is how I ended up with a human death knight. It doesn't hurt that humans have one of the best racials for dabbling in pvp :)

Recently I've made a switch from Alliance to Horde and I've been trying to determine what races are my favorite over there.  My main is a Blood Elf and I've always enjoyed them.

I really wanted my death knight to feel familiar to my human one. I felt that the blood elves were the closest to humans. At least if you just look at their hair XD. I think I might just have an obsession with hair.

One of my recent favorites are the goblins. I haven't liked the gnomes much and I didn't really expect that I'd like the goblins very much. But I was surprised to realize while leveling my warlock that I loved the goblins. They may be small but they are sassy. And that hair! I love their hair! So many awesome styles and a nice range of colors as well. So I'm leveling another goblin. I don't plan to level her very quickly or to replace my death knight with her. I just like to level.

I'm hoping to get some more experience with playing Horde races so that I can have even more favorites. I'm really looking forward to playing a troll because of the rainbow of hair colors. But I didn't feel that I could claim a troll as a favorite race to play when I haven't played one yet. I do plan to give a troll druid a try when I feel like leveling another druid.


  1. Ty! I am sad..where are the pandas!


    1. I love pandas, really I do! I just don't play any. Yet. That could change. Much more likely than me playing a gnome.