Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What would I buy from the Blizzard Store?

This week the WoWInsider Community Blog Topic asks What would you buy from the in-game store?

My first answer was nothing. Then I gave myself a mental kick because I have bought stuff from the Blizzard store before. The answer isn't so much what would I like to see in the store because I would really prefer not to see stuff there that I absolutely want. The answer to the question are things that if they were ever part of the store I'd want so much I'd eventually break down and buy them.

I figured the best place to start figuring out what I would break down and buy is to consider what I've already bought and think about what's already announced for the store and if I have any plans to buy those items. I decided to include in already bought items anything that was extra from the basic game, expansions, and subscription.

Extras I have bought
1. Realms Transfers - Back in the days of Wrath I only had one max level toon. Transferring servers once didn't seem like such a nightmare to do. I was still really hesitant about it but I had a friend on the new server who really wanted to play with me and I no longer knew anyone on the old server. At the time it was a decision that made sense to me. So I paid to have my druid transferred from Aegwynn to Korgath.
Image from Blizzard Store

2. Collector's Editions - I have the collector's edition for Cata and the digital one for Mists. I figured if I passed up on the pets I'd be really mad at myself.

3. Mounts - I bought a sparkle pony. It's sparkly and a pony. Enough said about that. I also bought a Heart of the Aspects because I thought it was gorgeous. But I was a little disappointed when I tried to ride it with one of my toons. The up and down motion makes me feel a little sick. Not my best use of 25 bucks but I also didn't realize it would make me queasy. I haven't felt much like buying mounts since.

4. Pets - I'm a sucker for a half-price pet. Panda monk for $5 - sold! The last sale was for a Moonkin hatching and even though it's really not my favorite pet model I ended up getting it. But I have since learned that it can really boogy. That bird can dance! I've fallen in love. It's adorable.

So what new stuff would I buy?
1. Pets. I would buy pets. I'd do my best to wait until they're half off but I would buy pets.

2. Mounts. I think if there was another horse mount in the Blizzard store I would be very tempted to purchase it. For pets I'm in love with cats but for mounts I like ponies. I am a little more leery of mounts though because I don't want another one like the Heart of the Aspects. It's gorgeous but I actually can't stand using it. Which irritates me to no end.

3. Shapechanging items. I love being able to change what my toon looks like temporary. Dartol's Rod of Transformation, Iron-boot flask, the orb of the Sin'dorei, love them all. If there was an item that was from the Blizzard store only but would affect what a character looked like for say half an hour and had an hour cooldown or something I would want it. I'm not sure what it would turn you into. I don't have a specific item in mind. I just like to occasionally look different.

I'm not too certain what else will tempt me to buy but would be something added to the Blizzard store. While I sometime play other games I don't look at the stores because I don't want to be tempted into purchasing something for a game I doubt that I'll be playing very long. WoW is different because I've been playing it for several years and I don't currently see any reason to quit. But that's very different from dabbling in other games. I'm certain there will be other items to tempt me but I just can't currently think of something.

Items I have no interest in:
XP boosts or max-level characters - I like to level. That seems really odd but I enjoy running through old dungeons and getting into the stories of the zones. Heirlooms work well enough for an xp boost. My toons will reach 90 or they won't but it's while playing at lower levels and working towards the cap that I learn what specs and classes are fun for me and which ones I just can't stand.

Transmog gear - OK, this is a bit of a lie. If the item was cool enough and I just had to have it for a specific transmog I would get it. But I'm not interested in the helms. They're cool. It's hard to deny that. But I would never use them. I rarely ever show the helms on my toons. The ones that I do tend to be bandannas, or helms that don't cover the hair and face. I recently made a transmog for my night elf rogue that was built around the Stealther's Helm of Second Sight. I think she looks awesome. But having the helm on bothers me. She's no longer my toon but just a night elf. I can have her sitting around looking awesome but when I want to play I have to turn the helm off. Helms don't do it for me. Right now I can't imagine any cool chestpieces or boots that I would have to have but Blizzard could always surprise me.

Random items - I suppose you could call them the cool toys. But I just don't use them. Those cool items that you get while leveling in Pandaria? They just sit in my bank taking up space. The awesome items from archeology? Buried in the bank somewhere. I just don't really use those items. Maybe someday I'll change my mind but right now they just don't interest me very much.


  1. I can't really think of anything, like you I don't want any xp boosters and my bank is full of cool stuff I don't use but can't get rid of. Unless they start selling gold I'm not sure what I'd pay for outside of pets.

    1. Yeah and all those pets just sit there staring at you and looking with big eyes wondering why you haven't bought it yet when you have so many of the others. I really hope gold is never on the Blizzard store. But I also don't think that it's very likely at this point.

  2. Whoops! I'm guessing you didn't enjoy our Heart of the Aspects loop-de-loop show last night in front of Iron Qon, huh? =P

    1. No! It was cool! I did have envy. I can look at them but I just can't actually use my mount.