Saturday, June 29, 2013

Boss Kills and Legendary Quest Chains

Another week of raiding done and Shadow Rising has killed another boss! Both Arv and Van have already written about it so I'll try and be brief.

Tuesday Arv came for the first two bosses on his druid and a promise that next week he'll be solo tanking council as a bear. But for this week he switched to his paladin and I didn't have to try and pretend I understand how to tank that fight. Thankfully Arv was willing to talk me though how to tank Megaera and
Ji-kun since I was dpsing the other times we had done those fights. We managed to reach Durumu the Forgotten and after a few attempts realized we needed a better idea of the fight. So the raid was called for the night and we were given a homework assignment of watching the fight so we would be prepared for learning the fight on Wednesday.

Wednesday we went to work and kept seeing improvements and finished off the night with a boss kill. We thought about just calling it a night right there but Arv was determined to go see Primordious and set off though the oozes. We attempted to follow him but the first set of oozes blew most of us up before we even reached the room. Next week we'll do better.

This week I have managed to hit the 3000 vp needed to continue the legendary questline and I just needed to kill a mob at Domination Point and to win two battlegrounds. I had attempted earlier to kill the mob in the Alliance area but I couldn't deal with his spinning, summoned adds, and rifle shooting by myself. So after we called the raid for the night I asked for volunteers to help me with my quest. There was quite a lot of help and we quickly went down and stomped the dwarf into the dust.

Thursday night I spent in pvp to try and complete the legendary questline. I qued up for Silvershard mines and Temple and waited to see what I would get. I got Silvershard and it went terrible. The Alliance was getting the carts and holding onto them with a vengeance. But with a little persistence I did manage to snag an achievement even though I didn't get a win.

The next battleground I got was Silvershard again and it went about as well as the first. I wasn't feeling too lucky so didn't que for Silvershard again. I usually have really good luck with Temple so I decided to wait for that que. Temple is one of my favorite bg's since the goals are pretty simple. Get an orb, stay alive, and kill those other people.

And doing that enough times will get you an achievement. I can't stop, won't stop and just don't plan to stop anytime soon. :) After dominating that battleground I was ready to try another Silvershard bg and got lucky with a group that kicked butt.
Part two completed! Time to start collecting trillium and other stuff for Wrathion for part three. At least he doesn't require more valor points.


  1. Woo! I am glad you are in SR having so much fun :-) grats!!

    1. I'm really glad to be having fun in SR as well! I still can't believe that they keep taking me back into their raids each week. I think there's a bit of star-struck there because omg that's Arv, and Van, and Adoe, and Shirl, and Zug, and Sorak, and all these people that I've read about and they're letting me mingle with them! And being so incredibly nice as well! I just feel like I'm gushing now XD

  2. Grats on part two completed, that Wrathion is a demanding little guy and you guys are ruthless, look at all the carnage in that shot!

    1. LOL, I think that carnage is from when that boss killed us. Again and again and again. So it really was quite a bit of carnage.

  3. Not sure if Caden is ready to solo Council yet, been having fun getting Kerian and Ras LFR ready for ToT, so I might need another week for my bear.

    Of the two, I like Temple of Kotmogu more too, it reminds me of Powerball from American Gladiators, except we're not placing the orbs into any goals. But the fighting is still there, lol. And who doesn't like their own personal bloodlust by holding the orb for a long time? Mega-Arv!

    1. I thought you were joking about soloing tanking with Caden! If/when you actually do I will be pretty shocked and than feel like a giant coward for not having tried with the dk.

      Lol. Yeah, it's awesome, you increase in size, and hit people harder. Bwahaha, I've got an orb just try and take it from me!