Tuesday, June 4, 2013

5.3 Pet Hunt

When 5.3 came out I had only a few thoughts in my mind.
1. Death knight needs gear
2. Level all the ways of cooking
3. Get all the new raid pets!

So here's the additions to my pet stable these past two weeks:

From Raids
I knew I would be able to get all the Kara pets the first week. There has to be one benefit of having a ton of alts! Then I went on a pet giving spree and needed to collect several of them all over again. XD

Lil' Bad Wolf was one of the pets I was most looking forward to getting. So I was pretty excited to get him right away. 

I love how the fiendish imp comes out of a portal. I wasn't too impressed with him until I saw from Cyrme that you can sometimes summon Kil'rek instead. Now he's pretty cool.

I was pretty excited to see the menagerie custodian because of the Blog Azeroth sharetopic back in December that asked what pets would we like to see. This was one of the items on my list and it was pretty awesome to see a pet that I really wanted.

And the last Kara pet is the Netherspace Abyssal. I'm really glad to have this pet because I haven't yet tracked down a minfernal. And the abyssal does a really cool looking hellfire! It's a pretty tall pet. When it's fed a biscuit it ends up being bigger than my little goblin warlock!

The Lesser Voidcaller is the only pet I currenlty have from Tempest Keep although I haven't been farming the eye or SCC with all my alts, just my death knights. I don't think I'll have much luck with killing Kael on any of my other toons and I can't bear to run the raid without killing him because he might, just possibly might, have a phoenix mount. It could happen.

I really dislike SCC for one reason and one reason only. The first time I entered on my human death knight I thought I'd be able to quickly get though the place in my dps spec. Until I reached Hydros and he kept resisting everything. Well, almost everything. I eventually managed to kill it by using death and decay, plague strike, and death strike along with a few choice cuss words. After that my death knights just run the place in blood spec. I wasn't certain I could kill Lady Vashj at first but quickly realized I could live though whatever she dished out.

From Fishing
After I got my blood elf leveled I really wanted to get her professions leveled and I couldn't consider cooking leveled until I had managed to master all the ways of cooking. I determined that the best way for me to level all that cooking was to go where the fish of the day were at and fish up large quantities of fish to trade for cooking tokens to then purchase the materials needed to level a way of cooking. It's taken several days but I eventually managed to level all my ways of cooking. Now I just need to fish up more tokens to buy a bell and some recipes.
I didn't get my first carp until my second day of fishing. I was pretty shocked and excited to get a carp. But I also remembered that Navi had been looking for carps for quite awhile so I decided it would make a perfect surprise for her. I switched over to Navi's realm and tossed it in the mail and then returned to Tyle to continue her fishing. Less than five casts later and she's got another green carp! I really couldn't believe it! How lucky was that? The Ferengi are definitely wrong when they say "No good deed goes unpunished."

On the third day of fishing the location of the fish of the day changed and I was pretty excited because I got some new scenery. I was also pretty excited because I caught my blue carp.

The next location was the alchemy fish one so I took a bit of a fishing break. When I next resumed my fishing it was in a little coastal town and just when I was getting ready to call it a night I found my tiny white carp.

I was pretty excited because last week I got to run with Shadow Rising as a tank on my death knight. I was also incredibly nervous because she was terribly ungeared. I really expected her to go splat far more than she did. But that week after finishing up MSV, HoF, and Terrace I was finally able to get Tyledres into her first ToT LFR and that very first section didn't get her any gear but it did give Tyledres a few surprises.
Pygmy Direhorn! I hadn't realized that you could get pets from LFR so I was pretty excited to get this pet from Horridan. Although I was a little bummed not to get any more gear for my death knight.
I was very shocked when Council gave me a living sandling! One pet I figured was pretty awesome but two pets from the same LFR? That's pretty darn lucky. Although what I really wanted was a sword... Ah well, there's always next time.


I was pretty surprised the other day when I logged on and saw that I had some mail. A check of the mailbox and I saw that Navi had left me a Sunfur Panda! It's adorable! And I just want to say thanks again Navi.


  1. You are one lucky fisherman! Grats on all those pets! Every time I take out Frosty Claws I think, thank you Ty, a wonderful pet AND I don't have to do the chess event!