Saturday, June 22, 2013

Collecting pets and mounts

I've continued to run SSC and Eye on both my death knights and I've managed to get two more of the pets collected. The Pocket Reaver and the Tideskipper were nice enough to drop but I'm still looking to get a Coilfang Stalker and a Phoenix Hawk Hatchling.

I also finally got around to doing the new quests on my human death knight and getting her the amazing Hordebreaker title. And I was finally able to get Gahz'rooki since I've been spending all of my Horde death knight's mojo on supplementing her tank and dps gear. 

For a few weeks now I have been obsessed with one thing. Getting my new little death knight better gear! I've felt that I couldn't play unless I was doing something to improve her gear, professions, rotations, or just getting better. I've even considered that I should spend time leveling something else. And than it hit me. Tyledres was already valor capped, she couldn't buy anymore gear, had already completed the weekly Barren's quest, and had maxed her main professions, cooking, and fishing over a week ago! There was nothing else that she has needed to do. I didn't have to do anything! I could go faff! So I thought about some of the things I wanted to do and one of the things that I wanted to do was to finally get a Magical Crawdad. I had made one brief attempt during Wrath but I've never went back to try again. I headed to the spot I
thought it was supposed to be and began fishing. After a few pools I began doubting that I remembered where I needed to be so I did a quick check at El's Angling, realized I was in the right spot, and so continued fishing. A few casts later and OMG!!!! Mr. Pinchy!!! Holy Crap that was fast! So I clicked and What?! No Way!!! OMG! OMG! OMG! That was an achievement! The magical crawdad was now mine!

Pets weren't the only thing I've been collecting this past few weeks. I've also managed to snag a few new mounts. A few weeks ago I had duoed most of Uld with a friend. We managed to clear everything except for Yogg. I had managed to previously get the Uld 25 achievement mount but I was one achievement short of getting the Uld 10 man mount. The only achievement I had left was Iron Dwarf, Meduim Rare so I decided to try and get that last achievement. It took several tries before I got all the dwarfs flamed and I had to resort to equipping my pickaxe so I didn't end up one-shotting the dwarves with a regular hit. But I eventually managed to get all 25 dwarves killed and I had a pretty new drake.

I also managed to get the last of the three cloud serpents. I had picked up the blue one on my orignial death knight and the yellow one on my paladin. I had thought to get the last one on my new death knight but ended up picking a yellow one instead of a green one so I was still a serpent short. So I put the time in on my druid and managed to nab my last cloud serpent. Thank goodness for the account-wide rep bonuses

The last mount that I got was a red panther mount! Even though I had learned the recipes for the panther mounts on my jewelcrafters I never really thought I would actually own one myself. About a week ago I had a realization. I had around 20k gold on my old server spread amoung several toons but since I was now spending my time as Horde on Drak'Tharon I didn't really need much gold on my toons anymore. So I decided to take what I've earned and buy something that I would never buy otherwise. My original thought was a pet or a bike but after a look at the auction house I saw that there weren't any pets in the right price range and I was a bit short to buy a mount. But I thought about the panther mounts. A quick look showed that I could buy the expensive item and I had an alchamist, jewelcrafter, and miners to gather the rest of the supplies I needed! So what color to get? I decided I wanted the mount as quickly as possible so I'd make whatever color of panther I could get the necessary gems for first and red won! Red flying awesome panther mount now belonged to me!


  1. No way! I remember that Magical Crawdad taking forever to get, I think it was back in Wrath, congratulations!

    1. I was really shocked. I heard that it took forever to get so my luck really surprised me. Thanks!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, it seems they either come in giant droves or there's none to be found.

  3. Okay! You're next on the list for a Coilfang!

    1. Thanks! I wish you luck with hunting another one and I'll remember to let you know if I manage to snag one in the meantime.