Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ji-Kun: Chicken or the Egg

As those readers of both Vanicus and Arvash know last night Shadow Rising managed to kill Ji-kun!

As it was Wednesday night Wok and Arv where tanks so I got to use my less than steller dps set.  I've been focusing on building up my tanking set but I feel that I can now start giving my frost spec the love and attention it deserves.  

Last week and the first few attempts this week on Ji-kun I was part of the upper group which consisted of doing as much damage as I could, not falling off the platform, and trying to absorb some of the green puddles (if I  used anti-magic shell after I started absorbing the puddle I would soak the damage and prevent the stack from getting on me but if I used it before I started absorbing I couldn't absorb the puddle at all).  But eventually I was switched to the egg group. It's a blast flying all around the platforms although it was a tad bit confusing at first. But there was definitely a set pattern to which eggs activated and where I was going and when to pick up feathers I liked it much better than being on the platform. But I also had very little idea of how the fight was actually going. So I was pretty surprised to find myself suddenly on the platform until I could hear everyone being excited about having managed to kill Ji-kun.

From Left: Shadeey hiding behind Wok, Adoe, Pysnite, Vanicus, Zugzuug, Arvash, and Sorak behind me