Monday, October 7, 2013

Closest Boss Kill Ever!

The past few weeks Spoiled Milk has been beating the first two bosses then banging our head on the third. This week we finally had a breakthrough and accomplished the closest boss kill I've ever seen. We managed to get him just as he enraged and took out everyone. We were really excited to finally have Norushen killed and to move on to the Sha of Pride

The Sha of Pride was easier. After several attempts we were able to eek out another boss kill. And then we decided it was time for a break. We put several good attempts into Galakras on Friday and Saturday night but we weren't able to defeat that dragon. We're hopefully next week will get us closer.

Still it was a pretty good week! 4 bosses killed which is double what we had last week!

On a side note I had a chat with my guild leader. Right now the raid currently has two warlocks in it which is fine, however, one of the regular dps is leaving and out guild leader was looking for new dps to recruit. One of the potential replacements is another warlock. He asked how'd I'd feel about getting my hunter geared up and ready to go and I'm pretty excited about no longer playing a caster. I just have to get my hunter some more gear. She's currently sitting at 514 so I'm hoping for some good lfr and flex runs.


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    1. Thanks! There seems to be a lot of close boss kills for me in SoO :)