Friday, October 25, 2013

The mind rambles

I've been in a funk. I just haven't felt much like writing things. I tend to be an very inward person. If I'm feeling that something isn't right I'll pull inwards and work things out in my mind.

One of the things that I've been trying to deny is the end of Shadow Rising's raiding. It's been coming. There just hasn't been that hunger and push to clear content. They got Lei Shen but there hasn't been much interest in SoO. I'm not saying there was no interest but just not interest from everyone. A few weeks ago it was made official. No more raiding. And I do feel awful about it. But I'm not sure there was really anything I could have done about it either.

I still have some good things going on. I really enjoy my other guild. And they've been making some good progress in SoO. But I feel that I'm not holding up my end there. I've recently made the switch from my warlock to my hunter. My much less geared than everyone else hunter. Awoi, who does so much less dps then the other dps. I'm certain my best contribution is my sporebat. And that there's not three warlocks in the raid. I have to remind myself that each week she's made some really good progress on getting better gear. I guess I'm just feeling some frustration. It would be nice to stop leveling and gearing new toons to replace raid ones. And I really love my death knight. I haven't felt much like playing her. What's the point of having her raid ready when she won't be raiding? I thought about asking to switch her into Spoiled Milk but I'm not sure that would be good for the raid. There's already a lot of melee. A shaman, rogue, and a  paladin. There's plenty there already.

The past weeks my focus has been on getting Awoi gear, progressing though the legendary questline, and getting any gear from the timeless isle. She's finally reached a point where any gear upgrades will have to come from either flex or higher difficulty. And I'm back to dying for a new weapon. Hers is from SoO lfr. It's decent but I'm craving something better for her. It's a good thing.

It seems weird to think that my main is now a hunter. I've never thought I would be a hunter. I need to do a lot of studying to figure out the best things to be doing. It definitely feels more comfortable then being a warlock. I love my little goblin but there's no hiding the fact that she's a caster. That and I'm now really spoiled about the moving and still dpsing thing.

I think I'd like to start working on Tyle again. She's been quietly shelling out red gems for my hunter but she deserves a chance to finish out the expansion. I think I'll see if I can get her though some flexs. I hope Drak is going to be on the list of connecting realms soon but I don't think I'll hold my breath waiting for that to happen. I do find it funny that two of the realms I have toons on are being connected. Aegwynn was my original server and I still have a server full of toons there and Dunemaul is where I have a few horde toons. I doubt that I'll see Korgath on that list. It's still a pretty bustling place. Definitely worth a quick look to see what a realm could be. And to know that if things fall through with Spoiled Milk I do have toons that could make a transition to a realm with more options. Although I don't see that happening anytime soon. There's some really hungry people looking to smash Garrosh in the face.