Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Just Needed a Break

I've been awfully quite about WoW for a bit. I just haven't been feeling very enthused about it. Which surprised me. Here there's this new patch full of all kinds of new things and playing WoW has become an unexciting chore. Bleh.

So I decided last week after the raid not to play any more WoW for the week. I thought I might miss it. Nope. Nada. I was good.

Instead I decided to indulge in playing some old gamecube games. I had recently dug them out because my little sister was home from college and wanted to raid my stash so she could have some games and controllers for playing with her boyfriend who recently gotten a gamecube. My family gave her a hard time about how she has a wii that she's left at home but it was cool. She swiped a bunch of my really cool games like the classic sonic collection, all my mario parites (I mean seriously? Did she really need to take all 4 XD? Then again, why do I own 4?) and super smash brothers.

Since all these games were dragged out into the light of day once again I wound up staring at my collection of Zelda games and trying to remember how far I've gotten in them. Apparently the only one I've ever finished is the first one I've gotten which is Four Swords Adventure. Suddenly I had a dying need to complete some dungeons, collect rupees, and save Zelda! But... I had some toons that needed to be vp capped, leveling to be done, timeless island stuff to do... yeah...

So last week when I decided to not play WoW I went off to the world of Zelda. I decided to play four swords because I haven't played it since I beat it in 2006. Which is a really long time ago. I had an absolute blast! 4 days later and I've saved Zelda, beaten Ganon, and saved Hyrule! And I still find it funny that I was using Link to throw another link around. And then I had to choose just what game to play next. I dug out my gameboy and I'm playing Minish cap. I'm already further then before. Which really isn't saying much. I started Ocarina of Time on the gamecube but the graphics just don't compare to the 3ds version so I think I'll play either Majora's mask or windwaker instead and complete Ocarina on the 3ds.

But I'm also finally excited to be back in WoW. Sorta. I'm not going to be pushing myself so hard but I think it's feeling more bearable again. I'm even a bit excited about timeless island when I realized it was a lot like a Zelda overland zone. Lots of exploration, hidden content, puzzles, mobs everywhere, areas you can only unlock after you've advanced though the game a bit. I also realize I might be a bit demented.

But every now and then a break is a really nice thing to take. :)


  1. Welcome back! I totally agree that breaks can be very beneficial and in some cases necessary. I think taking a break can either highlight what you miss (and enjoy) about WoW (or any game) or show you that life goes on and you don't actually want to play anymore. I wish more people took breaks, experienced this and where applicable never came back to the game - would get rid of a lot of nostalgic moaners!!
    Not that you're one of them...
    Also, am I right in saying you can play gamecube games on a Wii? I'm sure my Wii has ports for gamecube controllers. *checks* it does.

    1. Thanks! I'm really happy to be excited about WoW again! I've got some plans about what I want to do but I'm also taking things easier. Definitely not going to be pushing so hard. I've got more Zelda games to finish after all :)

      Some Wii's are backwards compatible. The one I picked up when they were first introduced can play gamecube games but the newer one that my family got for my little sister last Christmas isn't backwards compatible. It just really depends on which one you've got.