Friday, November 30, 2012

Old Raids and New Pets

One of my favorite parts about the new patch is the ability to enter raids even if you're just by yourself. No more trying to wrangle guildies into a raid group or messing with a free trial account but instead you can just waltz right into a raid instance. One of my other favorite parts is the introduction of new pets to old raid bosses. I just had to start farming for them right away.

The first place I went to was Naxx. I love Naxx but I think part of that is nostalgia for my first raid. But it's still an amazing place with some really unique bosses. I went to the Construct quarter first because the boss I thought I would have the most trouble with was Gluth. Patch and Grobbulus and Gluth did give me a bit of trouble. I attempted to kill him as frost because I wasn't sure I could do more dps as blood than Gluth healed  but it also meant my survivability wasn't as strong. My first two attempts I didn't kill him but I got close enough I decided to shift a few points in my talents to see if I could get just a little more survivability and dps. It managed to be just enough and was a pretty close fight. The rest of Naxx went fairly well and I got some 'shrooms to drop. A pet 'shroom anyway.

After Naxx I thought I'd take things easy and went to the Molten Core. It went fairly quickly and I managed to gain a Blazing Rune and a Mark of Flames. I was pleasantly surprised to get two pets from one raid and I'm really glad I didn't stop after getting the first pet.

I figured since I was close I'd give Blackwing Lair a try. I wasn't sure if the first boss was possible to solo or not. I've heard it was impossible but that Blizzard had made some nerfs to make it easier to solo so I figured it was worth a try. I headed to the orb and realized I wasn't attuned. So I needed a quick trip to Upper Spire and you can't go to Upper Spire without killing 50 Whelps.

Atunement accomplished I headed into Blackwing Lair and made my first attempt at the first fight.

And than tried again.

And again.

And just once again.

I decided to call it quits for the night. But overall it had been a pretty good run. 3 pets, several achievements, and a nice haul of transmog gear from Naxx.

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