Monday, December 3, 2012


My new pet :)
For one quest at least
I've been feeling a bit off Wow lately. My guild decided to become a social one and I've found myself at level 90 with nothing much to do. I've been leveling stuff and wandering around but I haven't felt like playing my death knight much. And than I didn't feel like playing my alts much either. So I turned off the game for a bit and tried to think about if I was unhappy with the game or my situation and what I was going to do about it.

I've decided I just wasn't happy with a social guild especially one that wasn't doing any events at all. But I don't think I'm a hardcore raider either. So I've found a casual guild that wants to get into raiding soon. I'm hoping it will work and be a good fit. But I also feel better about playing Tyledres again. I've been running dailies, a few dungeons and even raid finder.

This has only been my third week running raid finder and my first time running the new raids. But these are some really cool fights. And I tend to die a lot. It makes me really glad I'm running as frost instead of blood. But I've noticed something about raid finder loot. I'm way too lucky. I haven't come away from a random raid yet without a piece of loot or three. And I hadn't been using my charms but since I had maxed them out I figured I better get started. I haven't seen much loot from the bonus roll but I did get a repeated item once and I realized I should keep an eye on the loot tables so that I didn't do that again.

During the raid finder I won a token for shoulders and chest so I headed out to pick those up for Tyledres. I really love the tier look for death knights. It's a skirt! Well, robe if you want to be technical but it makes me think about the original armor set that death knights wore. It's nice to see them wearing a skirt again. And the shoulder and helm are amazing! I wasn't sold on them at first but I love the skulls and the little roses on the helm. Well, I don't have the helm yet but I will get one! While I love the look it does feel a little strange to be in a robe and I keep thinking I look something like a warlock. I think it's the bright bit of color at the bottom of the hem that makes me think of warlock tier 8. I suppose it's a good thing I love this set because I still haven't managed to come up with a transmog look that I really want to track down for my death knight.

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