Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rewards of moving furniture

I mentioned a few weeks back that I had lost my authenticator and the family motto of "it's only lost until it's replaced or no longer needed." It seems that the motto is still working.

My family lives on a dairy farm and we've recently made the switch to robotic milkers and part of the new addition to the barn is an office above the new milking parlor with a window to watch the feed alley and the free stall barn. It's a really nice office. My family jokes that if there was a kitchen and shower over there we'd  never return to the house at all. Anyway, my mom decided that she wanted to get a new couch for the basement room and she sent the old one over to the barn. Upon moving the old couch several items fell out of the hidey hole my monster of a cat had made for himself. One of these items was my authenticator. I figure I was really lucky it fell out on removal because we had searched my cat's hole in the couch earlier. We had even found two of his collars that I thought were lost for good but no sign of the authenticator. If it hadn't gotten dislodged on moving it could have fallen out anywhere on the trip to the office or even still be lost in the couch.

Now if I could only find my iPod back. XD

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