Monday, December 17, 2012

Guild Achievement Hunting

Yesterday I ran several Wrath raids with my new guild. They were looking to pick up the guild achievements so really wanted to make sure they had eight people and were running the ten-mans even though we could have done the twenty-fives easily.

We started the night by doing a quick 3 drake Obsidian Sanctum and since we were nearby grabbed a heroic Ruby Sanctum run as well. Then we headed to the Eye of Eternity to kill Malygos real quick. Tyledres got an achievement for killing adds while on a disc and that finished up the achievements I needed to get the 10 man Wrath Raids Achievement. Than the raid headed to Onxyia where we ran into our first hurdle. We had entered too many instances and were locked out. So the raid leader called a half hour break and then we went back to slaughtering dragons.

Having finished with the dragons the raid then went to Ulduar. We had a little trouble with 4 tower Flame Leviathan so we went back and killed two of the towers then went and demolished the Leviathan. The rest of Ulduar went quickly but we had a bit of trouble with Yogg. Since we needed to kill him with no keepers to get the guild achievement it wasn't an easy fight. There was a bit of trouble with portals and insanity because most of the raid hadn't seen the fight before. Second time went better but it still wasn't smooth sailing. In the end we did get alone in the darkness and I realized that I was very much alone. I was the last woman standing! And I was fairly low on the sanity as well.

The last stop the raid made was Naxx. Since I had already gone though there on Tyledres I switched to my pally Hortis. Naxx was a breeze and there was several members of the raid afk on autofollow which was pretty funny but the guild still managed to tear the place apart quickly. We saw a bone spider pet drop and one of my new guildies won it. Hopefully it's a sign that I'll start seeing something other than fungal abominations dropping from Naxx.

Most of my guildies were pretty much raided out by this point so the leader called it a night. I logged off and then checked my email for the billionth time to see if I had gotten any new about who my furtive winter veil blogger was. I'm really excited about it! I'm also really nervous. I think I have a really good idea for what I'm doing but my stomach is in knots about if I'll accomplish what I want to get done and if the other person will like it. I'm also so excited to see who has my name and what they'll come up with. I can't wait to start seeing what other people are doing. And then I can stop trying to keep stuff a secret. When things make me this excited I'm the worst secret keeper ever. I don't think I've ever given a gift where the recipient hasn't managed to pry exactly what it is from me. So I should probably stop right there or I'm going to spill the beans.

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