Thursday, December 6, 2012

More Raids and pets

I might be soloing but I'm never alone
Last week I attempted to work though the four raids that drop the new pets and managed to get Naxx and Molten core but got stopped at Blackwing Lair. I did put an attempt on AQ40 but the twins kicked my butt and the previous bosses didn't drop a pet. Still I ended the week with 3 of the pets which seemed like a good start.

This week I again started with Naxx. Tyledres managed to get though the place with ease and even Gluth didn't present much trouble. Unfortunately the only pet to drop was the Fungal Abomination which is what I had gotten last week.

Molten Core went quickly and I got the Ashcore pet from there. 3/3 of the Molten Core pets found.

So than I went back to BWL. I've done some more research on this fight and put in several more attempts. Ten of them. On the eleventh one things were going really well. So well that I finally managed to destroy all the eggs! But I didn't get any new pets from BWL.

So I headed to my last stop AQ40. I got a Mindflayer off the first boss and I was pretty excited about continuing my pet hunt. Viscidus died pretty quickly but as a frost dk it's not a difficult fight. Then it was time to attempt the twins. This time I knew which twin was the physical damage one so I was attacking the correct one and I summoned my army and my ghoul and things seemed to be going well. I had him over half-way there when my army started dying and then I noticed that I just couldn't seem to do much damage on him. I wasn't taking enough damage that I worried about dying but I also wasn't doing enough damage to overcome his healing. In fact he was back to full health. Then it hit me. Frost damage. I was a frost death knight and he was ignoring my frost damage. I needed to be using pure physical damage with no magic. And I realized I wouldn't be able to do this fight as frost. So I let myself die and so I could start the fight over as blood. I kept myself in dps gear but did change my weapon. It worked out really well. It wasn't a rapidly quick fight but I was steadly able to burn the boss down. I didn't get a pet but I was still pretty happy at being able to kill the twins.

So at the end of two weeks I've got 5/12 of the new pets and I now know the I can hunt for these pets completely on my own. Although I don't think I'll have any easy time with BWL anytime soon.


  1. I haven't been able to solo the first boss. But you've inspired me to try again Tyledres :)

    1. It took me 5 tries to get it down this week. It's just break the mind control and hope everything aggros to you and leaves Razorgore alone. But still annoyed the fudge out of me.

    2. Now I'm curious to try it on my druid. Because I think not being able to set down an aoe like death and decay could make it even harder.