Thursday, December 13, 2012

And a fruitless week of hunting

I really want Mr. Bigglesworth. It's a cat, 'nough said. But I also really want to get the other pets too. So I put in another week of trying to get them and I've got zip. Zilch. Nada.

I started in Naxx, went to BWL where Razorgore kicked my butt a few times before I got sweet revenge, and than finished up at AQ40. I didn't go to Molten Core because I had gotten all 3 from there and Tyledres doesn't get much gear for transmogs from Molten Core. Anyway, I hit up all 3 places and they were dry. Nothing. Not even a pet we already had. I than tried to think about what alts I could take though since there's no point in having alts unless you can make them work for you. But all I could really think to do was to take my Shaman Mnementh though AQ40. I don't need the pet from the first boss but from the slime and the twins. I figured Mnem could kill the slime and we could try twins but I didn't expect her to be able to get twins down solo. It pretty much went as expected and no pets for her either. I don't think I can get the twins down on any of my toons other than Ty and while I know there are things you can do to get the frost damage  on classes that don't have frost damage I'm not feeling in the mood to go try. I don't think I have another toon that I want to take though Naxx and I'm not feeling up to trying Razorgore on another yet either. Which just means I have to sit quietly for a week and try again next one.

It wasn't a total bust this week though. Tyledres got Legplates of the Blazing Light as a drop. Now I just have to see if I can put together a transmog set from them.

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