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Here is what I do to kill Razorgore.
On your right is Razorgore and...
To your left you see a mind control orb and some mobs

When you enter BWL Razorgore is the first boss and is in the very first room. To your right is Razorgore on a platform, to your left is another platform with three mobs and the mind control orb, and scattered all around the room are dragon eggs. The goal of this fight is to kill the three mobs and use the orb to take control of Razorgore and use him to destroy all the eggs in the room. While there are eggs still left waves of adds will spawn and either attack Razorgore or you. If Razorgore dies before all the eggs are destroyed he casts an unavoidable explosion that kills everything. If you manage to destroy all the eggs before Razorgore is killed than any mobs still left up will run out, Razorgore's health will reset, and you will no longer control him. If you've reached that point you've basically won the fight.

So how do you win? This is what I do.

Kill them quick!
Get Control of Razorgore before he reaches you
1. Kill the first three adds quickly. You want to get control of Razorgore quickly since you'll have 45 seconds before the first wave of adds spawn. Put those seconds to good use by destroying eggs. You want to have Razorgore mind controlled before he reaches you otherwise he'll cast a disorient that will waste 5 seconds. That doesn't seem like a lot but that's one whole egg you could have destroyed.
Destroy the eggs on your platform
Next destroy the eggs closest to the platform
2. Destroy the eggs on your platform first and then the ones closest to it. Razorgore should be pretty close so you don't have to travel far but most importantly is that when Razorgore is destroying the eggs near you the adds will ignore Razorgore and aggro onto you. 

Keep a watch for mobs aggroed on Razorgore
Break the mind control BEFORE they can hit him
3. Be prepared to break the mind control. Once you destroy the eggs closest to the mind control platform there's a chance that Razorgore will start to get aggro. So be prepared to break the mind control before anything starts to hit him. I use trinkets and cooldowns to break the mind control and then use an aoe before mind controlling again. Basically if something is headed towards Razorgore but hasn't started to whack him yet than breaking the mind control will make it focus on you instead. And it will stay on you even when you go back to controlling Razorgore.
Break the mind control, use an ability or two than back to Razorgore
Exception is to take all the time you need to heal if it's neccesary
4. Stand below the platform where the mind control orb is. This isn't necessary but it does make finding the orb to click easier since your not hunting though a pack of mobs to try and find it.

5. Don't spend too much time not controlling Razorgore. If you're not controlling Razorgore you're not destroying eggs. Yes, you want to break mind control and you will probably be breaking it after destroying one egg very often. But only use one or two gcd's when you break the mind control unless you need more time to heal up. Another reason to not spend much time out of the mind control is that Razorgore can move pretty quickly. If he get's close to you he can disorient you and he's also further from where you left him.

Save the platform on the opposite side of the room for last.
Park and Burn but keep an eye on your health and what's aggroed on Razorgore
6. Get all the eggs in the middle down before getting the eggs on the last platform. The eggs in the middle are the hardest and if you can get all of them destroyed while Razorgore still has a decent amount of health left you should be good. Just keep a watch to make sure Razorgore isn't aggroing a giant batch of mobs and you can just park him and burn down the eggs.

When the last egg is destroyed the mind control break,
mobs run out, and Razorgore heals to full and engages
Success! Razorgore isn't a difficult fight once you get though destroying all the eggs. If you've reached that point you've pretty much won.

Hope these tips are helpful and good luck hunting down Razorgore!

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