Saturday, December 15, 2012

Busy Night

Navi from The Daily Frostwolf mentioned that I should write step by step how I manage to kill Razorgore but before I did that I wanted to make sure I could kill him on different toons. So I took Arita my 87 night elf druid to BWL. It took two tries but she got him down and she got an Untamed Hatchling! So I figured I'd see if I could get the 2nd boss. She managed to kill Vaelastrasz the Corrupt but she wasn't quick enough to kill him before he put burning adrenaline on her. A quick corpse run back and she cruised though the rest until she got to Chromaggus. When I've been though on Tyledres she kills a lot of stuff and I have more Hourglass sand than I could ever use but Arita stealthed and skipped a lot and I didn't have any Hourglass sand. So Arita got turned into a Chromatic Mutation for 5 minutes. After waiting that out I tried again this time removing one of the brood afflictions that's a curse and in Chromaggus' loot she found a little Chrominius.

Now that I'd done it at 87 I wanted to see if I could do the fight at 85. So I grabbed Hortis my paladin. She's normally a healer so it was a great chance to put the dps set moldering in her bag to good use. It took a few tries but she eventually got Razorgore down. So I than took Hortis and attempted to kill Vaelastrasz who laughed at me as he made my pally take a dirt nap. Twice. The fight wasn't looking very good so I figured that was her limit. When I get her to 90 I could probably managed the fight but currently I can't.

Next I figured I'd go and see if hell had frozen over and I'd won a Brawler's guild invite and after collecting the gold for being outbid I saw a group forming to get the Cata Heroic dungeon achievements. For some reason I thought LBR was on Sunday so I figured running heroics would be a fun way to spend my time. The achievement hunting went really well and the only one we didn't get was Kill it with Fire because it's currently bugged. But it was a fun run with several really cool people from my server.

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