Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Duplicate Pet Week

It's Tuesday which means another chance to nab the pets needed to get Mr. Bigglesworth. So Tyledres headed off to run her dungeons. Naxx was a bust but AQ40 started on a high note. First pull and the red qiraji mount drops! It's awesome! Why? Because it's Red! :D

In total I had four pets drop but they were all ones I already had. Four pets are a good haul but I do feel a little disappointed not to get at least one more pet knocked off my list. But it gave me a good idea that I'm excited about!

I was a little worried about choosing to give away a sea pony. I guess I'm just worried that people won't have much interest. So I'm changing the prize to the winner's choice of a Sea Pony, Fungal Abomination, Chrominius, Corefire Imp, Mini Mindslayer, or an Untamed Hatchling.

Guess I'll have a good month's worth of pets to give away. Although I do wonder if the raid pets make a decent prize but it's worth a shot to see. I'm also working on a guide for Razorgore that I do hope to get up this week. I feel like I'm doing too much work for it to be Winter Break :P


  1. Grats on the red bug!

    So far Saintvache has managed to get a pet drop from the first boss once. Of course it failed this week when I was trying to include it in the 12 days of Winter Veil for the Mrs....

    1. Thanks! I have a feeling she will be getting one real soon though.