Saturday, June 7, 2014

Good Week Of Raiding

This was the first week of raiding with our new times. It still feels like half the group is full of pugs which is a little annoying but since most of them are ones that we've raided with before it was still a fun.

Tuesday night we started late because we had to track down a tank. After locating one we were finally able to get started. And we had a really terrible start. I have come to realize that Immerseus is a weird boss. We can either one shot him or spend hours trying to get him down. But after a few attempts we finally managed to pull things together, figure out the problems, and got Immerseus down.

Then we found ourselves facing Protectors. We have made attempts on Protectors but haven't had much success. Our biggest challenge has been handling He's desperate measures. It's been a challenge trying to remember who to throw to, who's already been thrown to, and who can't be thrown to. We've tried to put together a throwing list but we've still had trouble with it. This week one of our warlock's suggested we have the dps throw it in alphabetical order. We figured it wouldn't hurt and for some reason it worked really well. We had one attempt that was really close but the enrage killed us. We were determined that we would get this boss the next time. We got the tank to keep He closer to the other bosses so that we could have more cleave on He and things were going really well. Than we had one of our dps disconnect but we kept going. We were getting close but so was the enrage timer. Unfortunately we hit the enrage timer again but there was enough dots on the bosses so that they were killed with one dps left standing.  It was not a beautiful first kill but a kills a kill!

The rest of the night went well with one-shots on Naru and Sha. Since it was late we called it a night there.

Wednesday we continued with Galakras. While they had gotten heroic galakras last week it was still rough. We had to adjust who went up to the towers and had to do some work getting the waves of adds killed correctly. We finally managed to get a good attempt and called for galakras to be shot down when we realized no one was manning the gun in one of the towers. Oops. We couldn't get the mobs under control for another attempt at shooting down galakras so we had to try again. I volunteered to go to the tower since I could stay at the bottom and help with killing and than use the rope to get to the top when the waves have been thinned down. The attempt went well and we got Galakras down and the fight was so much easier after that. We had our two groups and we killed Galaras without any trouble.

We spent the rest of the night attempt heroic Juggernaut. We didn't get the kill but we feel pretty good about attempting it next week.

Last night we finished up the run on normal. Neither of our tanks could make it so I volunteered to switch to Tyledres and tank. I was really happy at the end of the night when we killed Garrosh because it meant I had the kill on Tyle

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