Thursday, June 12, 2014

Iron Horses and Iron Bosses

It seems that Spoiled Milk's new raid times has been working better, either that or the summer has just given us a second wind. Whatever the reason, we've finally begun to start pushing heroic kills again. It still seems strange to have so many people as part of the raid who aren't guildies, but they are also consistent members of our group so it's been steady. And really, raiding is getting a group of like minded people together to attempt to kill things. And we've gotten some really cool people to come raid with us.

Anyway, one of our guildies saw the iron horse and absolutely had to have it. He put up a hitching post and the whole raid spent several minutes parading around on horseback, before being reminded that we should stop wasting time and start working on Iron Juggernaut.

We had one attempt on Iron Jug last week and we hoped with 3 healers we would be able to survive the second phase and be able to get a kill. Our first attempt went really well and we were close. And the next attempt was close as well. There's something very frustrating about close attempts. But we kept at it and soon we had our very first heroic Iron Juggernaut kill!

We went on to work on Dark Shamans and our closest attempt was to 4%. So very close. But it was getting close to 2 am so we had to admit defeat. We'll be going back on Friday night to finish the raid on normal. I think the finish up is interesting because last week there was only 3 from my guild and one had to leave before we killed Paragons. I'll be curious to see who will turn up on Friday and if I'll be tanking on Tyle or dpsing on Awoi. I'm hoping for dpsing because I'd like to practice using my Beastmaster spec. I felt awful about the raid this week because we didn't have a bloodlust. There were several members who had drums which worked fine and I did have a mastery buff on Tues and spell haste last night... but I feel like an awful hunter for not being able to switch. But my guildies were good about it. They didn't really expect me to switch because they know I don't know how to play bm and they claimed my dps was too good for me to switch to something unfamiliar. But I still think I should learn it, just in case.

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