Monday, June 16, 2014

Herald of the Titans!

I've managed to get my paladin to have two decent sets of gear for Heralds runs and have been signing up for runs on OpenRaid. Today I was only a reserve but I dutifully logged on and I received a new friend invite and asked if I could possibly tank. Yay! I had been running around practicing healing so I had to make sure my tanking gear was up to snuff and that I had my flasks. Then it was off to Ulduar!

The first two attempts went alright but we were having mishaps with the cosmic punch. After the 2nd wipe I realized I didn't have righteous fury on. Whoops! 

Third attempt I was just standing next to the boss but he was mad at me and a few attacks later I was the main tank instead of the off tank. My dps also went sky-high. The other tank said that it wasn't completely my fault that I was the first tank, he saw that I had aggro and figured he'd let me have it. So considerate. But a few moments later and BAM!

I'm now a proud Herald of the Titans!


  1. Grats Tyle! My new baby druid is going to be my heralds toon so I hope I have as much luck as you in getting a run - not sure if people needs healers!

    1. Thanks Navi! I'm sure you'll be able to find a run. Healers are always needed. Good luck with your baby druid.

  2. Wow that's awesome, congrats! :D