Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Things have been looking up

I know I've been trying to figure out what to do if worse came to worse and Spoiled Milk couldn't turn around their slump and get to raiding again. It's been a worry for all of the raid team but things have finally managed to turn around. We have been slowly filling in our ranks with regular pugs. I'm not certain how I feel about pugs. On one hand they have no obligation to our guild but on the other hand...

I'm not certain Spoiled Milk has ever been concerned with having full guild runs. It's more about a good group getting together, killing stuff, and having a good time. I came into the raid as... well...not really a pug but they were perfectly happy leaving me out of the guild but still having me be a regular member of the raiding group even if I was raiding on an alt. And there's been several other members that were pugs for some time before becoming guildies. One of our warlocks was part of another guild for months before someone finally asked if he wanted to be part of our guild.

But it's not just filling in holes in the raid that we've been attempting to fill. We've also attempted to make the guild a busier place and to try and recruit raiders from our server. The one downfall with that is most of us don't need anything from normal bosses but if a raider is looking for a guild for heroics there are so many more attractive options. But we've hashed out some ideas about things to try in the future. How well it'll work will be interesting to see.

But we'll have new raids times. I'm excited by that. They won't start at such a late hour for me and we have plans for raiding on three nights a week. But the news that has me most excited is that we're going to attempt progression every other week for a bit. We have new guildies who we would like to raid with but they aren't geared. So it's been a bit of a struggle to try and decided whether we should spend time gearing them or keep pushing with pugs for heroics. Maybe it's not possible to have the best of both worlds but we're going to give it a try.

But the news I'm most excited about is that there has finally been progression. The last week of school when I didn't raid because I was panicking about studying and getting things ready for finals, the group had it's first heroic sha kill. It's been a few weeks since then but two weeks ago I got my first heroic sha kill.

Last week we put some attempts on Protectors before calling it quits and killing them on normal but we were able to get heroic sha again without any trouble. Saturday night the internet on the farm disappeared so I couldn't raid. I was informed that they were able to kill heroic galakras. They also teased me about a heroic bow dropping but they were just joking. I'm starting to see a pattern though... they kill stuff when I'm not there XD.

Here's hoping that things stay strong.

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