Sunday, January 13, 2013

Blank Screen of Doom

So tonight was an alliance Laid Back Raid and I was looking forward to running some raids on my little mage.

First dungeons goes well and Azilem even wins a chestpiece and the raid starts flying to Gruul's Lair for the next raid. My mage has slow flying so she got a summon. I clicked accept for the summon and see this

A blank screen. Beautiful. I waited a bit to see if it would fix itself but nope. So I attempted to close WoW and restart it. Nada. Reset the internet. Still nothing. Restart the computer. Run around trying to find the password for the other internet. Finally get in.

They're now in SSC and I think about to do the Lurker. And they send me a summon. And I get the blank screen again.

Become very frustrated. The cat wakes up and glares at me. He goes back to sleep on his stolen pillow. I don't think I'm getting it back tonight. Restart Wow, Restart computer, Log back in. Decide I don't think I want to raid since I'm now pretty frustrated. Apologize to the raid. Explain that I think I'm not going to raid. Get blank screen of doom again.

Decide that I would rather stitch and watch Netflix tonight than mess with WoW again.

Think maybe I should have a bit of an explanation and apology to everyone who waited for me.
Write this post.

I'm really sorry everyone for my wonky computer troubles. Hopefully it will be better behaved next week.


  1. See - now I am wondering if Barnaby Fletcher might be behind this...

    1. Lol, revenge for the sharing of his secrets! I think I can see that.