Saturday, January 12, 2013

Runs with Shoryl

On Tuesday I got a whisper from Shoryl who was on her hunter Breige asking if I'd want to run some heroics when she reached level 90. What kind of question is that? Oh, course I would! She said it would be a bit so I figured I'd get my weekly hunt for raid pets done and Tyledres managed to snag a Stitched Pup! Only two more left! I'm going to have to stay away from the auction house because that achievement is calling my name.

Once Breige reached 90 and managed to get her ilvl high enough to run heroics we set out. Shoryl wrote a pretty good post about that over on her blog. We ran three dungeons and had a few mishaps such as me running and pulling the first boss with only one dps. I now have complete confidence in my survivability as a tank. Those runs definitely helped to give me a big head.

On Wednesday, Shoryl thought she'd restart her Laid Back Dungeons and since it was just her and me we did heroics again. And first up was Gate of the Setting Sun. I waited for the whole group this time. Although I did a number on the group during the Commander Ri'mok fight. I've yet to figure out a way of doing that fight smoothly. It annoys me that there's really no point in the fight where I can stand still, it's move him out of the green puddles, get out of his cleave, and catch all the adds that spawn and repeat. In the end I just have one ugly mess.

The next dungeon we got was Scarlet Monastery and we had a really amazing priest healer. When I messed up the pulls getting into the Catherdral she somehow managed to prevent a wipe and said next time I should los those pulls. Oops. I suppose that makes sense. For the last boss we decided to go for the achievement And Stay Dead. I'd managed to get it before so I knew it was going to be lots of damage on me so I unglyphed my army of the dead. As soon as the boss started casting her mass rez I started summoning my army. It was glorious! I didn't take much damage from all those adds and I managed to impress our healer! She thought it was a smart idea and I told her I had to redeem myself from those awful pulls somehow.

The whole group stuck together for one last heroic and we got Shado-Pan Monastery. I was a disaster and a half on that last run. I really can't remember the last time I tanked this dungeon. I suppose I've been running as dps more often than tank. The amazing healer managed to get our group to the last boss without too much trouble but we did wipe on the first attempt at the boss. Someone managed to pull a group of adds during the boss fight and it was too much to get though especially since the adds won't die without having the floating bodies clicked. The second attempt went much better but I was glad to call it a night after that last run.

Friday I was attempting to gather the pieces I needed for a new transmog for my rogue when I got a whisper asking if there was any strategy needed to kill Vaelastrasz the Corrupt. The only answer I had was pure dps to burn him before he burned you. Since Shoryl was on her tanking Paladin Gurdid I figured that would be difficult so I asked if she'd like me to join her. She agreed so I finished up what my rogue had been doing and then switched to my druid and headed to BWL. While we got Vaelastrasz down it wasn't soon enough to avoid Gurdid getting the debuff and dying. The run went smoothly and she had both a Death Talon Whelpguard and Chrominus drop. The only downside to having more than one person in BWL is on Nefarion since he mind controls. He snagged my druid for a new minion and stun-locked Grudid down. Ouch. I rezed her and the rest of the fight went well but I sure felt embarrassed about that.

We also did some exchanging of pets. I'd gotten another Mini Mindslayer and Viscidious Globule from my pet runs so I offered than to Shoryl and she offered me some pets that she had extra of. So I got a new clockwork gnome and a Snarly!

So now it's back to hunting down Rogue transmog gear.


  1. Yay! I dunno, if doing Pandarian dungeons is counted as LBD...

    1. Of course it is! These bosses can be soloed easy XD. Was just a fun few hours running dungeons. Does't really matter if it's something easy or more current as long as the people who come have fun.