Friday, January 4, 2013

Razorgore Test Video and More Pets

Navi suggested using FRAPS to make a video about Razorgore so I decided to give it a try. And I was pretty happy there was a free version. Although I didn't realize that it's only record 30 seconds at first. I had already taken Tyledres though so I thought I'd use Aritâ to make the video. Unfortunately all I have is buffing up before the pull. Oops. Since the boss was already dead I finished up Black Wing Lair and the last pet I needed from there dropped.

Since Aritâ's at 90 now I thought I'd take her though Naxx and AQ as well. She didn't get any pets from Naxx but she did get the slime pet. Just three pets left to go!

I still really want to try with the video so I took my 85 Paladin Hortis to BWL. My first attempt I forgot to record but since I also hit the wrong bubble, dropped aggro, and Razorgore got creamed I had another try. After removing the bubble from my action bar I gave it another try. The video starts well but then things went downhill. I couldn't seem to get a good spot to aoe the trash on me and I kept locking myself out of Razorgore. I also ended up damaging Razorgore as well. Just a lot of little stuff that really added up to destroy that attempt. But I thought seeing what I meant about having to break the mind controls would help a bit. But the last part is really choppy. I'm going to have to see if I can find a timer that I can set at 30 seconds so I can focus on the fight and not on making sure I'm recording.

Posting this is more a test for me to see if I can figure out how to put together a movie and how to post it. There is no sound though. Hopefully I'll be able to figure it out and try a video again next week. Although, holy cow did that take forever to load. Hope it doesn't take too long to load up for watching.


  1. I can't find your email on the blog Tyledres, so this seems like a good place for the poem I wrote for you :)

    Tyledres is my hero coz
    She solos Razorgore
    She even wrote a handy guide
    So everyone can score!

    I hope she gets her undead cat
    And raid pets drop real soon.
    I tried to help her out but she's
    An honest kind of toon.

    1. Thanks for the poem! Right before I finally got it too!