Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mortal Kombat!

This week the Survivor challenge was to create a Mortal Kombat look-alike outfit. I might not be competing anymore but I really wanted to give it a shot. My "research" pretty much just involved looking up Mortal Kombat on Wikipedia and seeing what the character's names were, looking up the characters, then seeing which images I thought could be replicated and caught my interest. I managed to narrow my selection down to four although I'm not overly wild about any of these mogs.

Sonya Blade

My one attempt at a female fighter was Sonya Blade. She looks pretty tough and that top reminded me right away of a leather chestpiece. I think it's a decent looking mog for any leatherwearers.
She's wearing Fizzle's Vest, Parasitic Bands, Dark Leather Pants, Bandit Boots, Imposing Belt, Morra's Gloves, and Taunt Dragonhide Spaulders

I saw blue eyes and immediately thought death knight. I suppose the powers don't really work very well for imitating Raiden but it works well for looks. Although I thought those boots were bluer than they actually are...
He's wearing Field Plate Armor, Leggings of the Fallen Crusader, August Celestrials Tabard, Rock Furrow Boots, Patroller's Girdle of Endless Spring, Rockwurm Plate Handguards, Straw Hat, Overlord's Spaulders

As soon as I saw a blindfold on Kenshi I knew this look had to be done in leather. While it's the wrong color it's the only blindfold in-game for players to wear. The chestpiece also presented a challenge since there's a layered look to it with a sash across it. So I went with something I felt the character might consider using. I think the look is pretty decent but I'm not too found of the shoulder. The only match for the one shoulder look weren't the right color so I went with the darkest one I could find. 

I thought Scorpion would be interesting to replicate in rogue gear. There are other options you can use for a tabard if this one is difficult to obtain. And if you'd rather a hood and mask even though it loses the golden color there is one available that's mostly black.
He's wearing Nightshade Tunic, Leggings of Assassination, Tabard of the Defender, Felboar Hide Shoes, Stalkers Cord of Eternal Autumn, Metalworking Gloves, Valorous Bonesythe Helmet, Nightshade Spaulders


  1. I am very impressed, Tyledres! Your outfits mimic the models SO well! The Sonya Blade one is especially amazing. :D

  2. Your Scorpion mog is pretty awesome!

  3. Finally, I can talk cause I'm not on the iPad. Those are all incredible and the leather outfit is something Cat would love to wear.

    1. They've been growing on me. If you want to use it go right ahead. That's why I posted them. Glad you liked them.