Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Holiday WoW Play Update

Been awhile since I've updated about what I've been up to in WoW and I've been up to a bunch of different things. Warning! Long post ahead!

I've been in my new guild for a few weeks now and I've noticed some things that I'm really happy about. First there's a ton of people in guild. Leveling, pvping, grouping, etc. and there seems to be guild chatter going on. I've been a bit shy about joining in but it's nice to be in such a vocal and active group. The other thing I've noticed is the officers are setting up guild runs.

The guild would like to start raiding the MoP raids but we don't have enough geared people with interest to accomplish those goals yet but last week we did put in some attempts on the dogs. The tanks got some good practice with the swaps but it mostly came down to just not being geared enough. So the run was called after a few attempts and we went to get some more guild achievements runs done.

The first place we hit was Firelands and it gave us a lot of trouble. Most of the group hadn't been there before and the mechanics in Firelands are brutal. You can't brute force your way though most of the fights. We finished about half of the raid before calling it a night.

We came back the next day and finished up pretty quickly with renewed energy.

Since that didn't take much time we went to Dragon Soul. Dragon Soul was laughably easy. The only trouble we had was spine because we had people zerging all the tentacles at first and the agalomations before we managed to get them to stop. The raid leader was also a bit confused about how the fight was supposed to work but we managed to muddle our way though. The last fight went well and the guild got the achievement and many of the group got the new title Destroyer's End.

Since the night was still early and I had achievements on my brain I thought I'd head back to Lost City and see if I could snag the Kill it with Fire, the last achievement I needed for Cata Glory of the Hero. I suppose if I had thought about it I wouldn't have tried it by myself but I got there and was heading for the boss when I realized this might not be doable. But since I was there I figured I'd give it a look. My first attempt I thought it might be possible but I did wipe. Second try I paid more attention to my health and snagged the achievement.

Pink Volcanic Stone Drake!

It was still pretty early yet so I actually did some dailies. And I managed to reach exalted with my third MoP Rep. Golden Lotus!

Guess I should get to work on those other reps. like Cloud Dragons.  I like how having the secondary professions gives you extra dailies. Tyledres is becoming quite the fisherwoman. Her skills only at 300 but she's working on it.

I've been spending quite a bit of my WoW time playing Aritâ, my new 90 druid. She's been flying around the world searching for artifacts and pets when she's not inflicting her heals on random dungeons groups.

I really enjoy playing resto again and admiring Arita's mog when she's not bouncing around in tree form. I should dig her Dartol's Rod of Transformation out of the bank so I can run some dungeons as a healing furbolg. She even got a new achievement for her healing! Ok, that was more the group was awesome than that I was healing but it's still pretty cool.

With the pet battling she's finally managed to catch one of each type of pet and...

 ... And she's managed to catch 50 rares! And not a one of them is over level 16. Yet.

Last year ended with JD posting about a new transmog contest so I took Aritâ out to Zul Drak to visit Har'oka and begin planning an outfit to enter. I plan to post about my entry later on along with a few of the options I considered and discarded.

The new year started pretty well and I actually took Tyledres down to the Tillers again where she finally managed to make a friend. Jogu the Drunk. He's such a great friend he gave me booze.

I also made a new WoW friend. I was on earlier than usual for me so I thought I'd see if this person was on. And Holy Smokes they were! Spaz that I am I forgot to take pictures. Ah well. Was still pretty cool. Although I will keep secret on who this person is for a bit longer.

At about Midnight the guild got together a group to run LFR. Tyledres won her 4th belt. Wonder if Blizzard thinks my DK's pants are falling down. She also won a 1-handed weapon. If I can get another I can use my amazing axe for blood and go back to DW frost. When I first got the axe I was a little reluctant to relearn frost but it was more like remembering frost from Cata.

Before the guild runs I'd been at the Black Market Auction house trying to snag an invitation. The prices have finally gone down to a point where I feel like I can buy one. Although I did recently buy a crimson whelpling for twice what I bought that invitation for. Arita wouldn't leave Wetlands without one. Having moved over 5000 wool, linen, and silk cloth along with a slew of greens I figured she came pretty close to making the 9000 gold she spent on that dragon.

But 4500 gold later and I was the proud owner of a Invitation to the Brawler's Guild

Which meant I had to stay up even later so I could get this. 

Looks like I'll be keeping pretty busy in the new year. Guild runs, Brawler's Guild, Pet Battles, Contests, and, of course, all the wonderful peoplel that I've gotten to meet.


  1. What a fun post! Makes me think this game is really back to what we all wanted - fun and friends - and putting those first! Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks! Been a pretty fun winter break for me and it seems like there's always something more that I can be doing.