Thursday, May 9, 2013

10 Days of Pet Battling - Day 6

Day 6: What pets have you got in your favorite team(s)?

I'm still working on getting different pets leveled and am still working my way though the pet trainers but the three pets I use as my default team are:

Gregarious Grell
The Grell doesn't hit hard but it makes a good tank. Everytime the Grell does damage it heals a percentage of it's health because it's a humanoid and it has a pretty decent heal as well. Because of these two reasons the Grell is great for catching pets. It also works well for battling pets as well. Unless it's being hit by undead damage.

Fel Flame
I was working though a questline on my rogue to get an item for a transmog that I wanted to put her in and decided to battle some flames while I was there. I was really impressed with the amount of damage a fel flame could do and was pretty happy when I quickly found a blue one. I've been really happy to have this pet on my team ever since.

and Lil' Deathwing
I regret not getting a Deathy murloc pet so when I saw the Collector's Edition pet for Cata was a Lil' Deathwing I broke down and ordered one. I really loved the pet but I never used it much. I figured with pet battles I was going to use my Deathwing whether it was good or not. But I've been pretty happy with him. He has some abilities that make me laugh because they remind me of the fight against Deathwing: Elementium Bolt, Roll, and Catacylsm. But he also hits really hard. I like stuff that just goes boom. Sure Deathwing can't take very many hits but he really shouldn't have to if all his abilities hit.

My team is pretty decent but an undead team will annihilate me. I did discover that it works well against the Darkmoon Faire trainer. I should go find myself some critters. I do have a fluxfire feline that I sometimes use instead of one of the other pets but I still have a lot of pet leveling to do.

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  1. The Gregarious Grell looks so cool - I never realised it had earrings :P