Friday, May 3, 2013

Go check your mail!

I'm positive "go check your mail" has to be one of my favorite sentences. I have yet to find an occasion where someone whispering me that has resulted in anything but the best surprises.

So I was surprised and pretty excited when yesterday I got a whisper from Arvash to "go check my mail." What could it be? What could it be?

A nightsaber kitty! I'm afraid poor Tuttle is now going to have to be shifted to second favorite because of my new friend. I was very tempted to name it Radar after my real cat but I decided to name it after the person who gave me the gift and call him Arvash.  Which meant I needed a new name for my Gusting Grimmorie but figured Grimm was the best name for it.

Thanks again Arv. I'll have to do my best to take very good care of my new precious :)