Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The new me

Lately I've been a little obsessed with a project of mine. Well... ok, majorly obsessed with this project. And what was this project? Leveling another death knight! 

And last week my newest lady managed to hit level 90!

And I quickly qued for a dungeon run. I was a bit nervous because I choose to tank. I worried about how well I'd be able to survive and hold aggro.

It turns out that my fears couldn't even begin to touch the reality. I entered my first dungeon to find it almost to the second boss. One of the dps had switched to their tank spec to continue. Sounds like a decent start right? I asked the dps if they wanted to continue tanking or if they would like to switch back to dps. And the monk responded that he'd be happy to go back to dps if I would get into my tank spec. Or was I just undergeared? Then the pulled the boss along with two groups of adds and promptly died. I managed to scoop up aggro. Blew though cooldowns and somehow got everything under control. The monk began demanding a rez because we were taking too long to kill everything. I had the runic power so I decided to rez. The monk then said that he liked fast dungeons and if I didn't pull fast enough for him, he'd start pulling. So when the boss died he ran into the Cathedral and began pulling scarlet mobs and the boss. Unfortuantely he died again where he joked that he should have stayed tank spec. He also began demanding a rez again. I was never so happy when a dungeon was finished as I was to have that one done.

While that first dungeon was a nightmare the rest have been much better. I did worry a bit about being a squishy tank until I had another interesting dungeon run. The healer in the group had zoned in but then disconnected. I had started pulling the first group and I didn't realize I didn't have a healer until we reached the first boss. We stopped for a bit to try and kick the healer but none of us were able to do so. So I decided to go ahead and pull the boss. And then we made our way to the second boss where the healer was finally removed from the group and we got a new one. But that dungeon run made me stop worrying about being a squishy little blood tank. I was well able to handle anything in the heroic dungeons. And even better I would be able to handle the raid finder raids as well. 

Raid Finder Raid
After running heroics and even raids all that was left was to level professions.
Although I'm still working on leveling up my professions. Actually, I always forget just how painful profession leveling can be. And how much time. And did I mention pain?

And now it's a whole new week. I'll have to see if my little Tyle can get herself the gear to move to another raid finder.


  1. So you are tanking tonight right? ;-)

  2. Only if you are looking for someone to run heroic dungeons with. I think I mentioned I would need at least three weeks to get her geared enough for raids XD.

  3. That's pretty cool and damn fast too! I wonder how it will be on your new home as tank with a nice raid team :)

    1. Wait a minute?! Tank, raids? me? Zomg, what am I getting into? Lol, I'm still have a bunch of gearing before I even have to worry about that.

  4. Finally, a Tyledres that plays for the good guys. For the Horde!

    1. I think I have an undead Tyledres stashed away on some pvp server somewhere. I think I got her to 88 before I realized I just didn't really like being an undead death knight.