Sunday, May 5, 2013

Death Knight origin rambles

Something a little different. A bit of fanfiction. I've recently made a new death knight. This one a blood elf and I found myself pondering what class she used to be. And then this is something of a monologue from my character explaining her story. Sorry if it anything is off about it. I'm not all too familiar with all the warcraft lore.

Most people have something called a sense of honor or a code. Myself, I've never really understood why someone would make up and follow rules when they didn't have to. I have always preferred to do what it takes to accomplish my goal and get paid. If I'm a bit short on gold, I merely have to find someone who was willing to pay to get something done.  Want someone to eliminate your business competition, check, how about someone to obtain a very specific gemstone, check, whenever someone needed something done they came to me. They just had to make sure to offer a high-enough bid. A girl has her needs after all. And mana addiction is a very expensive need.

Unfortunately war isn't very good for business. Especially when it's in your town. People become more concerned about finding ways to leave then about killing someone. So I had to come up with other methods of making some quick gold. And what could be better than removing valuables from the dead? They don't need it anymore. And someone is sure to pay a nice sum to get personal momentos returned from their beloved but deceased relative, friend, or whatever. It should have been an easy job.

Perhaps that was the problem. It was easy. There should have been no risk. I more than anyone should know better. There is no such thing as a no-risk situation. Not that I'm really complaining, mind you. It hasn't all been bad. But I think I'm getting ahead of myself.

You see, there I was following the army. Going from battlefield to battlefield. After checking to make sure there was no sign of life I would cautiously head onto the field. Soon someone would come along to try and remove the remains from the field but for a brief moment everything was mine for the picking. Sometime there would be others seeking to take part in my venture. But a quick dagger between the ribs would usually disabuse them of that notion. But that also meant I needed to make sure I didn't end up on the wrong side of a weapon.

But that day I wasn't being cautious. It had been a long hard battle. I liked to watch from within the shadows so that I would be able to begin searching the bodies for treasure the minute the battle was finished. It would give me the most and best opportunity for my search. But that day the battle took longer than any before had. The armies battled for days. I feared I would have to leave my place of observation because my supplies of food rations were dwindling. I had even begun to make plans for sneaking into one of the army camps to steal some of their rations.

But than I noticed the fighting was finally letting up. A bit longer and the armies were gone. One retreating and the other chasing. It was time to see what my patience had gotten me. I forgot my usual caution and dashed onto the field.

Meanwhile someone else had remained hidden a bit longer. I'm not sure if they were just more cautious than myself or if they had been further back. I suppose it doesn't really matter why they were behind me. They just were. I would guess that person didn't have much of a code of honor either. I never saw my death. I was running one moment and the next I was falling. It still irks that I have no idea who killed me. I just hope it wasn't some pink-haired gnome.

Being a death knight suits me. Sure, some of the other newly freed death knights bemoan their fate and even wish for a more permanent death. If I come across one I'll be sure to help them find it. I rather enjoy it. My life hasn't changed much. I live for a kill which is a cheaper addiction than mana ever was. I did lose some of my old clients. Those looking for a quieter kill and those looking for a quick and quiet extraction of an item have to find some other rogue to do their work but a surprising amount of people are willing to pay to have their work done and don't care if it's my stealth or by brute force. But I do have to be more careful. Not having shadows to hide in means I need to pick my targets by more than just the amount of gold I'll make.

So how much are you going to offer and who do you want killed?


  1. Oh, I like it. Finally a character that embraces Death Knightery. Looking forward to hearing more of the story.

    1. I didn't think there was more but this death knight sure likes to talk. I don't think I have much choice but to see what she's going to be doing next.