Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Alt Appreciation Week - Hunter

It's time to appreciate the hunters!

Awoi from Drak'Tharon
My level 90 hunter Awoi. And what's a hunter without a hunter pet? So here's Blitz, Awoi's lightening-worg. Awoi started as my pandaren character and I really enjoyed her. And I started out leveling her causally but then I got the idea in my head that she needed to be level 90 before the patch. I have no idea if the worg will still be there or not. It probably will but I'm glad to have the wolf that I really wanted. My hunter goal of the week belongs to Awoi. I'm going to try and accomplish three things with her. The first is to start hunting Loque'nahak for her. I'm fairly certain that I won't be successful in finding it for her. At least not in one week so I have another goal for her as well. I'm going to try and also get her the ability to tame direhorns. That means I'm going to have to find the Isle of Giants. The last goal is to get to work on Awoi's professions. She doesn't have any right now. I'd like to make her an engineer and skinner. I'm starting her with mining and engineering but will switch her to skinning when engineering is maxed

Sitroh from Korgath
My level 69 worgen hunter Sitroh. Her name is my paladin's name spelled backwards. At least it means that the name is pretty unique. Sitroh's main pet is a ghost saber. I was trying to be original with the name and funny which is how I ended up with Catspian instead of Prince Caspian from Narnia. She's also the hunter that I got the giant green worm pet on. I haven't seen it since but I've heard it's no longer giant. 

Sitroh from Cho'gall
This Sitroh is only level 46 but she's my oldest surviving hunter. I've had a few night elf ones before her on Aegwynn but they've been deleted at some time or other. This hunter was created as a toon to hide away from everyone back in the day before battle-net. I just wanted to level without any of my friends or guildies being able to find me and get me to run stuff with them. She's wearing three items that can no longer be gotten in game. The chestpiece points to her being older than the Catacylsm! Her pet is a nightsaber I found in the starting zone. I named it Radar after my own grey tabby cat.

Lailda from Dunemaul
I did not make Lailda with the intention of being an undead hunter. I just wanted to see the new undead zone. I'd heard it was really good and you could experience more of the worgen story if you finished the undead zones. So I made an undead character and figured I'd make a hunter since they can handle things pretty well on there on. I used the random name generator and it gave me the name Lailda. I really enjoyed the leveling though the zones and picking up pets that felt appropriate for au undead and giving them wildly inapproitate names. Like my pet dog Fuzzy. She's also has a diseased bear named Teddy. She's too much of a character to ever delete.

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