Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The lucky twos

Sunday was the last raid night of the week for Spoiled Milk and the first night I've raided with them this week. Wednesday night there were more people then spots to fill so they asked if there were any volunteers to sit out. There were several and so we rolled to see who would get the night off. I won so I went off to finish downloading hearthstone. Thursday night I also didn't raid but that was alright since it meant I could spend some time with Navi, Arv, and Luxy. So when I got to the raid I had no idea where they were at.

I was surprised to see they were still on Dark Animus. The first attempt was bad but we got him on the second. Iron Qon took a lot more time. I think we've gotten a bit spoiled because the past few weeks when we've attempted him we've had two warlocks in the raid. Two warlocks means two portals which means everyone in the 10-man can just click a portal instead of trying to run though the cyclones in the second phase. It took us a couple of attempts but we got them. The next boss was a joke and we were off to attempt Lei Shen.

We'd killed Lei Shen a few weeks ago but we hadn't managed to get another kill since. The first pull went well. We got though the first transition unscathed and then fell apart trying to catch all the bouncing bolts in the second one.

Or new plan was to do more damage so that he didn't charge up the bouncing bolts. XD Nothing like a solid startegy. But it seemed to have worked because the second attempt went really well. We made it though the second transistion and were only down two dps. We kept pushing and managed to get him right as he killed both healers and some other people. I was pretty happy because Vaunt lived! There were two people who got the achievement and overall we were really happy to be able to kill him again.

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